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**SOLD** QLD: FS: Blue GTiR - rebuilt, lots of work

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Item Summary: Nissan GTiR fresh rebuild, straight cut box, quick, 2871R

Location: QLD: Gold Coast

Rego: BEV089 or 191KSQ

Reason for Selling: Something a little more practical.

Asking Price: 16000 ono

Contact Info: Drew - 0404990798

Extra Information:

The time has come which I'm deciding to sell my little baby. I have had it for just over a year, and i have spent absolutly thousands on it. I picked up a bottom end bearing up at the drags last time i went, so I had to rebuild the engine. The build took around 3-4 months to complete, waiting on parts to arrive and such but got done in the end. If anyone has had a rebuild done they know the cost of them :S At the time of the engine rebuild, i also got the turbo rebuilt just so everything was new.

I will forward on the exact list of parts used in the engine to interested buys but until then a short description shall do.


rebuilt 54c

264 cams in/out

forged pistons

new rings

ACL race bearings

Head and main stud kit

Nissan Metal head gasket

H beam forged rods

Reco'd head

bigger values, springs, etc

Haltech E8 ECU with map sensors

GT2871R - rebuilt with less then 2500ks on it

Drive Train:

New Organimetalic clutch (put in in december last year) including throwout bearing etc

Genuine nissan selector fork (which always break if not replaced)

PPG straight cut 1st-4st gear set Cost in the area of around 7.5k to build/install alone


Front koni struts and springs,

Some brand of japanese damper adjustable struts in the rear

Front and rear strut braces

17" Osaka racing rims

Other bits:

Eboost 2

turbo timer

Little LED gizzmo shift light

Original Pulsar floor mat set

Dash is in great condition, no cracks at all, has always been covered with a dash mat

Battery relocated to boot

Hybrid Front mount Intercooler

Custom Stainless piping

Stereo with direct ipod connection - control ipod through the headunit

White lockwood dials

Full respray in WRX WRC blue in 06

Im sure there are some other things that i have missed but if you have anymore questions dont hesitate to ask. Car has Only had its run in tune with P.I.T.S and made an easy 152kw atw on 10 psi @ 5000 rpm and has now made 203kw atw @7500 rpm on 18psi. Goes very well. It is genuinely a nice car to drive whether its fast or slow and ill be sad to see it go.


Old for sale ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/6888-sold-qld-fs-gtir-82000km-ppg-box-wrx-blue/







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I know, i will too! But i have the opportunity to buy another car super cheaper, with basically the exact same engine work as mine has, just minus the gtir bit, which is a shame to sell it, but its to good to pass up on, especially since i have a chance to gain back the money i have at least spent on the engine. So its more of a smart move, thinking ahead of time rather then me over the car, as im clearly not :(

Which is why im not too keen on getting the car tuned for myself before i sell it. as i know what is going to happen, i wll get in it, fall inlove all over again and I wont sell it haha

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aww Good luck with sale this thing is a steal wont last long at all !

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It has now been tuned, made 203kw atw on 18psi which im abit dissapointed in. I thought after all this money, I would have gotten a little higher figure, but it happens lol Still pulls like a frieght train and pins me to the seat once again so im happy about that.

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Maybe it was the tuner?

Put up the dyno sheet mate maybe there is some kind of indicator there.

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tuned by PITS, which he is a retty reputable tuner. My thoughts were i would be doing around 230 od kws at 22psi, but it was lening out at the top so he decided to tune it at 18.

Ill scan it and chuck it up. But i am happy with the result either way. It comes on boost very well and pulls right till limiter.

Boost starts to spike at 3k full boost by 4.1k and full power by 6k.

Ill scan it tomorow though.

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no, has 550cc injectors and a walbro pump, but fuel was the limiting actor with the boost. Ill have to get the voltage checked at the pump if i want to run more boost. But i think its quite enough anyway.

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