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**SOLD** NSW: FS: 1990 black GTiR - rebuilt and 3076

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Item: 1990 model GTiR

Location: Newcastle NSW

Rego: AZE20V

Reason for Sale: Need a work ute

Price: 13000 ono

Contact: daniel on 0421811696


for sale is my gtir. i have owned the car for approx 2 1/2 years

but the time has come where i need something more practical

i have spent alot of money on this car and will end up keeping it if i cant get around the asking price

the engine has been rebuilt approx 300km ago using only top brand parts and is still been run in on a basic tune

the car has approx 117XXXkmson it

the car has 12 months rego as of the 16th AUG


block chemically cleaned, crack tested and decked.

balanced and blueprinted

new harmonic balancer and timing chain

20 thou over CP forged pistons

eagle H - beam rods

tomei 280 deg 12.5mm lift cams ( vacumm pump fitted to assist with braking )

tomei adjustable cam gears

tomei type b double valve springs and retainers

tomei rocker arm stopper kit

tomei 1.2mm head gasket

acl bearings throughout

arp head studs

ported and polished head

new valve stem seals and all clearances checked and re set

sard 700cc injectors

walbro 255L/hr pump

z32 air flow meter with alloy intake pipe

new spark plugs

k&n pod filter

custom stainless dump pipe into a full 3 inch exhaust

hybrid front mount intercooler with custom piping

all new water hoses fitted

new oil pump

new water pump

standard turbo has been rebuilt to garrett 3076 specs by gcg


nistune ecu

eboost 2

alpine head deck

alarm and imobiliser

battery has been relocated to the boot


gearbox has freshly been rebuilt with new bearings, seals and synchros

modena torsen 2 front lsd

brand new front CV joints and shafts

cushion button clutch

lightweight flywheel

car also has 17inch wheels (unknown brand came with car) but can be sold with the standard wheels aswell

front and rear strut braces

overall the car is in good condition except minor blemish on the roof

the car is yet to be tuned but produced 240hp and 375ftlb torque at all 4 wheels on 18psi before rebuild and turbo upgrade

the engine was built to handle alot more boost and will make plenty more power now with a larger turbo

the car is engineered for exhaust, intercooler and wheels

any questions just ask im more than happy to help






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Is the one ive seen on carsales for a while now?

Well if you want I'll swap you engines and drivetrains but only if you ask nicely.

Good luck with the sale.

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yea is on carsales but i had a problem with the engine (dodgy mechanic) so had to turn a few ppl away until i had the new engine finished

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he is no longer in business so i wont go into names.

but it was a costly exercise

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very fair price for a GTI-R with some well thought out mods. it should make the new owner very happy :)

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adam i will try to get some up soon

its about the size of a car battery prob abit smaller and it is mounted on the battery tray.

i would recommend it if you are running big cams ( im sure u are) it made a great improve ment

thanks richard it took alot of time and frustration to get it to this stage so i hope someone can get some enjoyment out of it

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Yeah I do remember seeing this car out the from of a workshop minus an engine for a fair while.

Whats the reason your selling it, after alot of time and effort has gone into, just had enough?

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yea i think its only been on the road for about 12months out of the 2 1/2 years of owning it

and being my daily drive im sick of tryin to borrow cars to drive.

but it is finally running properly and i am remembering why i used to love it

so if no one offers me around what i am asking i will just keep it and give it a proper tune and see what she can do

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i think i know the R that your thinking off.. black and doesnt have a fmic with similar rims, ive seen it around redhead/belmont north a few times.

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keep it bro

ive had mine for 2 years & its only been on the road for 4 weeks

everything has been a pain in the arse & there has been thousand of hurdles to climb but its finally coming together & is just about ready

keep it if you can cos it sounds like youve poored too much blood sweat and tears into it

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i havent had much interest mainly time wasters so if it doesnt sell soon it will be gettin a tune in another 300k's and see how she performs.

its a big decision to let her go but i wont just give it away for a silly price

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hahah it would be a good buy for that troy.

will have some more pics up tomorrow

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Hey Dan having a dyno sheet and maybe a timeslip is always helpful with a sale

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hopefully i will have a dyno soon but not sure about a time slip

not real keen on breaking anything else now that it is running

im just happy to enjoy driving it

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engine is run in so should have a dyno sheet in a week or two.

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Have you had the final tune yet and dyno sheets to show us...?

I am interested in your car and would like the results of the tune etc before I bombard you with 1 million questions...


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