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NSW: EOI: Red 1992 GTi-R

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Hey guys and gals ive have a bit of stuff going on with my life at the moment so i am looking to part with the car. It is all finished and running and hopefully tuning it on friday. At the moment just looking for offers and we'll see how it goes. All the teething issues have been now ironed out and its ready for some1 to take off my hands and get it to the strip.

Im sure theres more stuff ive forgotten about and i'll add as i go.

I'm really sad to have to do this but whats happening atm was bound to go on and the car puts further pressure on things.

Spec Sheet:

 86.5mm Tomei pistons

 PAR rods

 Lightened and balanced crank

 JUN head and main studs

 JUN valve guides

 New Nissan valves

 Tomei 280deg cams with adjustable pulleys

 Supertech valve springs with titanium retainers

 Tomei rocker stopper kit

 Extensive porting with 3 angle valve cut

 O-ringed block and head with copper head gasket

 Garrett 3540 sitting on custom Pro-Tech Fabrication manifold

 HKS 50mm wastegate

 Custom 3” exhaust

 Sard 1000cc injectors fed by a custom fuel rail

 SX 700hp fuel pump with custom braided fuel lines

 SX fuel regulator

 Custom modified standard inlet manifold with 80mm Throttle Bodies Aust single throttle conversion

 NOS direct port nitrous injection system

 Autronic SM2

 Autronic 500R CDI with four Bosch coils

 Custom air box and oil/air separator

 Forge Motorsport power steering and coolant reservoirs

 PWR radiator

 Custom Plazmaman intercooler with 2.5” inlet and 3” outlet

 Nismo oil cooler kit

 PAR 1st – 4th straight cut syncro with upgraded 5th

 Modena front diff

 Alcon 4pot 304mm rotors

 R32 GT-R master cylinder

 Full Phoenixs Power Bodykit

 E-Boost II

 Defi ehxaust temp and fuel pressure gauges

 Defi DIN gauge set up

 Nitrous pressure gauge

 Bride Zeta III seat

 16" Volk TE37s white

 Whiteline underbody brace, anti-castor kit and rear sway bar



Previous ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/4929-nlfs-nsw-japjet



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sad to see it Adam,but best of luck with the sale mate.Any parts that you may have left over,if any ;) gimme a yell

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Only genuine offers please guys. Adam, best if you give some ball park figure. Sorry to see it go, lots of nice bits on there, but you are going to need to find a pretty dedicated buyer who'll pay what I'm guessing you might be after...

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With a 3540 you should be looking at some serious power when tuned and you have all the rest of other gear to back it up. Why not run it your self down the strip all that effort you wont to get a bit of reward. Good luck with the sale. If I had not bought land I would have thought about selling my car and maybe upgrading.

Cheers :)


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Best of luck with it Adam, this car will surely please any buyer.

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Around the higher end of the 20k area but all resonable offers will be considered

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i'll put pics up tonight, can also include some sort of deal to sell it with the car trailer, or reduce the price a little and take a few things off the car

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Sad to hear mate! Let me guess trouble with the missus?

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sorry to hear mate. wish i had just bought this instead of spending so much. good luck with the sale

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Are they small pistons?

Can I answer this Adz,

NO, they are bigger than standard.

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no figures atm the engine is currently being pulled down as the exhaust cam gave me issues last week

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