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**SOLD** VIC: FS: Grey Nissan Pulsar GTiR

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For Sale: 1990 Grey Nissan Pulsar GTiR

Item Condition: Very good, all is happy!

Price and Price Conditions: Offers around $9,000

Extra Info:

This car has had a short but much loved time in my ownership. I have spent thousands and thousands in less than a year on the car. The car needed a lot of work when I first bought it off another member on the forum and I've put the time and dedication into bringing it back to it's former glory.

I bought the car on a loan, and moved out of home around the same time. I've been struggling to make repayments and live, so I've decided the car must go. It pains me to do so, but it is what I must do. No doubt in future I will definitely own another one of these fine cars as I absolute adore it!


Standard GTiR SR20DET Motor

Front Mounted Intercooler with chrome piping

Pod Filter

3" Exhaust with 2 mufflers in rear

Bosch 984 In tank fuel pump

SARD Fuel pressure regulator

Cap, rotor, leads, plugs last replaced ~5000km ago

Water pump and thermostat replaced ~2000km ago

Silicone Radiator hoses ~2000km ago

New Power Transistor relocated to passenger guard with heatsink

New Exhaust gasket and Turbo to Dump gasket ~2000km ago

Last oil change ~2000km ago (Castrol Edge 10W-60)


Steel lightened flywheel

Exedy 5 puck sprung brass button clutch ~1000km ago

New genuine thrust bearing used

Y bracket removed

Heavy duty pressure plate

New Polyurethane Shifter bush


Momo steering wheel

Greddy Turbo Timer

Turbosmart E-boost

TEIN EDFC Suspension controller

Battery relocated to boot

New 750CCA Exide Orbital dry cell battery

Custom GTiR Floor Mats

Small rip in driver's side seat in seam

El Cheapo MP3 player with USB stick reader

El Cheapo 6" speakers in front doors

1kg Fire Extinguisher mounted under passenger seat

Windscreen washer bottle located in boot


Standard Grey GTiR

17" Starcorp 6 spoke Grey wheels

Crack in front bar and scuff

Rear wiper horizontally mounted


KYB Shocks with lowered Pedder's springs

Whiteline Front Swaybar D bushes ~5000km ago

Whiteline Front and Rear Link Pin bushes ~5000km ago

Whiteline Lower Rear Control Arm bushes (Anti-lift kit, modified castor) ~5000km ago

SuperPro Lower Front Control Arm bushes ~1000km ago

Cusco front strut tower brace

Rear strut tower brace

Nolathane Steering Rack mount bushes ~1000km ago

New Tie Rod ends ~1000km ago


Big Brake Upgrade ~1000km ago

-R33 SKyline front calipers and standard pads

-305mm Slotted Rotors

Stainless steel braided brake lines on front

RB74 Rear pads







Contact Details: PM or phone 0438370037

Location: Blackburn, Victoria.

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Can arrange anything with buyer, provided cash is in my possession first.



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JK's car will live to fight another day... Dont sell it to a knob!!

If the new owner looks/acts like a knob say "sorry no sale!!... your a knob"

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but brian...

I sold the car to a knob hahaha :P

knobs rule.

gl wid sale mate.

or.. I'll offfer ya $6k lol

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Pics added guys. Sorry for the delay. Higher res pics available. Apologies for the bad photography :oops:

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Hey Tim,

Sorry to hear that you are having to sell the car.

Any chance you would consider selling the TEIN EDFC Suspension controller unit to me?

I know you had your eye on my wheels, but I had my eye on the EDFC :)

I haven't got round to trying to build a unit since taking pics of your EDFC at Shaloms place.

I just thought I would ask as its something that I have wanted to add to my TEINs.



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Nah mate, keeping everything in there. Too much of a pain to take out anyway! Wires through the whole car!!!

I can get you one through work. Probably about $650 new with motors.

Someone wanna buy my car?

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Price drop to $9.5k guys :( or $10kwith 12months fresh Vic rego

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HOLY SHIT!!! So cheap with such good mods. Would you be interested in selling your brake package?

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HOLY s**t!!! So cheap with such good mods. Would you be interested in selling your brake package?

would also be keen if u want to . btu only if josh does not want them

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quite possibly but would be selling with wheels as they are a very close fit and haven't found any others that fit and would need standard hubs in return as mine have been modified.

and yes cheap, but it needs to go.

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Holy shit, I think the no turbo for P platers have really hit the cheaper turbo car market badly. This would have sold quite quickly otherwise at that E-bay auction price.

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$9.5k Is robbery for Tim, The car is worth heaps more than that. Perhaps advertise in NZ, they have no import tax so maybe there will be interested parties over there...

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You couldnt sell that car to NZ. They changed the laws there back in 2003 regarding frontal impact standards to stop people importing older cars. Not to mention a car in similiar condition over there would be well under $10k now, When I left 4 years ago they were just creeping under the $10k mark then.

Link to cars for sale in NZ:

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchR ... ype=Search

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I've still got the car guys. Offers around the $9000 mark will be seriously considered as it needs to go.

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