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**SOLD** QLD: Red GTiR $13,000 with 3k worth of spare parts.

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Rego: 741JHT now 206RCW

VIN: RNN14-005358

KM: 108000


Item: I have for sale my '91 Pulsar GTiR, red in colour.

Details: I imported it myself with ~96,000km and it was an auction grade 4. It now has 108,000km on the clock, I have only driven it 16,000km since I imported it in late '05.

The kms are genuine, unlike some currently kicking around. When you inspect the car you will KNOW the k's are genuine as the interior is close to faultless, and the rest of the car is in excellent condition as well.

The car has never had more than stock boost run through it.

Various forum members have seen my car and know just how clean it is.

It has all the usual GTi-R specs, so I won't list them here. It also has:


-front X-drilled and slotted DBA rotors

-rear slotted DBA rotors

-Bendix Ultimate pads.

-OZ Racing Rims

-front mount intercooler

-Garrett GT28RS "Disco Potato" turbo .86 housing, ~5,000km on it. The original turbo wasn't taken off because it was shagged, in fact it was as good as new, sold on Ebay for $500.- ... I just wanted better low-rpm response, and it definitely did that.

-near brand new (2,000km ago) organic face clutch.

-HKS blow off valve

-top mount, thermostat controlled oil cooler, keeps oil temperature around 90deg all year round.

-Nismo catback exhaust

-Nismo strut brace

-Nismo front bumper protector

-Nismo short shifter

-very rare silver dials, blue backlight, 300km/h.

-Sony DVD-MP3 headunit

-Serviced every 3 months (Since I only drove it 6000km per year it was better to service every 3 months, rather than every 5000km), with Caltex Formula R 10W60 and new filter.

When I put the clutch in last christmas I also did the following:

-all new water hoses, also around the back of the motor, which is almost impossible to get to unless you take the motor out - and a common place for water leaks.

-new waterpump

-starter motor rebuild

-new distributor cap and rotor

-new ignition leads

-new powersteering rack boots

-new cv boots

-new engine mounts

-new chain tensioner

-Redline Shockproof oils in gearbox and diffs

All of the above was done well before any of the parts failed, this is a very well cared for car, the only thing that has broken down on me is the hydraulic clutch line, which I accidentally pinched when I changed the clutch, it has since been replaced, together with the clutch slave cylinder; and the front left ABS sensor, which has been replaced as well.

There are probably more things that have been done to the car, I will add them when I remember.

Just want to emphasise again, the engine has never seen more than stock boost and is in top shape.

If I get what I'm asking, I will throw in a whole heap of spares which I have sitting in my garage, including:

-a spare pair of front seats

-spare tailgate

-spare rear bumper

-loads of mechanical parts.

-stock 14" rims with good tires

-Bosch fuel pump

-Sard FPR

Location: Southside of Brisbane, Durack.

Reason for Sale: I have previously owned several other GTi-Rs, this is the cleanest one of the lot. The reason I'm selling it is that since I'm nearing my last year of studying medicine, I'm always working at the PA, RBH or Mater and I can't park anywhere there, and I always use my motorbike.

In fact that's the main reason this car has done so few k's since it has been imported - I just don't get to drive it.

Rego: The car has some rego (until 6th of August) left on it, so if you get in quickly you will get a couple of wks free rego. Otherwise the car will sell with roadworthy, but no rego. If you give me the money I want, without bargaining or any other hassles, I may decide to throw in another 6 months rego.


Contact: Phone 0402222373, Email robert AT coolpc.com.au

Images: http://gtiroz.net/gallery/members/qld/album203















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GL Rob, hope it sells fast for you, love the Bee R Badge!!! :D

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wow...super quick...get what you wanted?

all the parts go?



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I got $12,400 without the parts, so I guess that's ok :)

Still have a bunch of parts for sale, but hey, they've been in the garage for a long time now, won't hurt them to lie around a while longer!

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well done rob,

but need to ad this.... christ's sake...does this mean i have to drop the price of mine to something really cheap just to sell the thing?!?

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unfortunately Kai :( people only wanna spend between 10-13k these days


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