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**SOLD** NSW: FS: My track GTiR

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hey guys,

iam askin for $12k

its a 1991 model gtir with

- 8 point welded cage

- klippen 5 point harnesses

- sparco tek seat in blue.

- daytona bucket seat.

- cosworth forged pistons

- new bearings in motor

- turbonectics t66 turbo ceramic coated

- custom manifold

- 52mm external gate

- msd 1000cc injectors.

- malpassi 1 to 1 fuel reg

- msd blaster ss coil

- whiteline suspension bits

- ems dual sport comptuer with hand controller

- msd digi 6 plus ignition system

- battery relocated to the boot.

- battery cut off switch

- cometic 1mm steel head gasket

- 2 stage launch control

- drift monster tacho

- custom side exhaust

- work lugnuts

- single throttle body conversion.

- matt black respray

- custom cross in the exhaust for andra reasons.

- screamer pipe

- custom heavy duty clutch

- hybrid gt spec FMIC

- custom fmic piping.

- n15 pulsar sss rims.

- b&m short shifter

- ems hand controller

- hks ssqv bov

- walbro 255L intank pump

to date 255kw on 19psi and 12.7 @ 120mph

now 314KW on 27psi, 12.0@126mph.


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I really like that cage. You've got a little platform welded to the centre diagonal for a camera mount?

The car needs a big-arse front-mount IC.

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yeh its got an camera mount.

yeh a big fmic will b good.

hey guys,

if there is no interest. i might sell the car for parts depending on which has more interest.

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love the side exit exhaust!

I reckon keep the TMIC. maybe get an ARC down the track.

Cage is awesome too. i'm assuming it's not complied/registered/registerable?

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yeh the cage is welded into the body.

it was registered under race/rally rego wen i brought it.

it can b re regod under the same, but need to get a blue slip n have cams licience

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Mike sell the evo and keep this so we can race along side each other down WSID

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yeh i wanna finish it off, i will c , wen i get my tax money back.

na i just bought sum evo parts, so we will c.

but i i do finish it soon, it will b fun. we will have a date it wsid.

monster gtir's unleashed.

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have you ever had it on track yet? very curious what times it does around any NSW track :) I'm sure you will be able to sell it for $12K.

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na i havent , not yet.

but the owner b4 me did.

he was telling me wen he sold it to me , that it was doin 1min 50 sumfing around eastern creek,

but thats wen it was stock. with just an exhaustand suspension stuff.

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Stop talking crap Mike theres about as much chance of you selling the car in the end as me selling mine

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lol. yeh , ok ppl.

i have had alot of ppl interested in wrecking the car.

ok, ppl interested in




anything else let me know.

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yeh i got a few ppl interested in the rims.

iam selling them for $1000 with tyres and a set of lugnuts

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Holy shit dude, thats not a cage its a freaking kids playground. Why havent I noticed that before?

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