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**SOLD** QLD: FS: 1990 GTiR - $12K ono

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this car is in gr8 condition...

those that have been in it in the last year to year and a half can attest!

I am willing to be stretched significantly if anyone on here (ex-owners) wants a decent example with minor mods at a good price.

Thanks guys

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Have you got this on carsales Arno? its like 40 bucks for unlimited time, 5 photos, and unlimited text (well to some degree). Pretty good deal.

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hi Dan. no i dont, good idea though. ive got the word of mouth thing, GTiROZ and Boostcruising.

In honesty i got an offer thrown at me from there today which i am going to be thinking long and hard over the weekend. I love this car so much. took it for a spin this afternoon and it was actually sad how good it felt.

I have had it for 6 years. its not my turn anymore. anyone thinking they will make money or at least get something back for owning a car like this in today's day and age are kidding themselves.

I think im going to take a big fall financially in the short term but it will benefit me in the long term.

Thanks peter, let me know asap. the car has had in the last 2 months alone.

-Cusco V2 underbody installed

-brand new disks and pads front.

-brake master cylinder.(now this is the one with stainless steel sleave=MUCH BETTER)

-front wheel bearings.

-new GTiR Turbo(2nd hand but was bloody gr8 nic! like near new)

-ALL new exhaust manifold turbo and dump gaskets. ALL brand new from MR nissan as well as new banjo's etc.

There are only minor tidying up to do. all the major issues are sorted. all the T's are crossed. dot the f*kin i's and you have an incredibly clean and well looked after R.

Pete check ur PM on price im willing to move to.

THanks guys

Sad sad day.

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being an owner for 6 years didnt make it easy to let go. was like losing a child that cost lots and lots and hated me sometimes.

New owner looks like a champ, im sure he will stack up to be. and hopefully not pick up a prang in the first 3 months!! after that he should be use to it haha

thanks all (well almost all) and i will stay in touch with those i can call friend. cheers and keep the R pride alive

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Congrats Arno... what did u get for it if you dont mind me asking? :)

and where the hell have you been, you've been a myth of the forums for an while

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yeh thats how it goes my friend.. if YOU guys dont mind id rather not say as it was 2 cents shy of FUCKKOLL i got for the car.

I think there are SOO many doggies going around for half decent money that the general market assumes their all flogged. the guy who bought mine said it was the first one since he's been looking(going to look /test/drive) that wasnt bloing smoke etc(blue of colour).

after i sold it i logged onto ebay and saw 3 GTiR's were sold in the last 2 hours at around 12-14 500 bucks.

that is were the market is at, definately not what i was charging. if the new owner wants to devulge then he can.

He should be on here as soon as it becomes easy to log on again.

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