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Topic Title:

1. Australian State/Territory the vehicle is located (in square brackets) - [NSW], [VIC], [WA], etc
2. Year of Production (abbreviated) - '90, '92, '94, etc
3. Colour - Black, Grey, Red, etc
4. Extra Specialness - Rally, Drag, Project, Damaged, etc
5. Asking Price (thousands with k) - $5k, $12.7k, etc

[NSW] '92 Black Damaged - $3k
[WA] '94 Red - $8.5k
[VIC] '90 Harlequin Drag - $11k

Message Body:
This will auto-enter when you create a new sale topic.

Year: 199x
Colour: Eg. Factory Black (KH3) / Custom Blue / Monaro Orange.
Location: The city/suburb the car is located.
Reg & Expiry: Registration details If being sold with car.
VIN: RNN14-xxxxxx
Kilometres: Eg. 195k
Price: A fixed amount, ono, or "taking offers over".
Contact: A contact phone number and/or email address (your biggest market is NON-OWNERS/NON-MEMBERS who cannot use the PM system).
Details: Description of condition, modifications, damage, repairs, reason for sale, etc.
Images: Pictures are mandatory. Outside, inside and engine bay are highly recommended.
You can link directly to files elsewhere on the net (ie. photobucket), or use the attachment feature to upload them (max limit of 1024 pixels on any side).


- Make a post stating the car has been sold, or is no longer for sale (staff will lock the thread).
- DO NOT remove the price or any details (this is extremely useful historical information for everyone - now and in the future!)

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