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We maintain a list of every Nissan Pulsar GTI-R that we find publicly available for sale in Australia HERE.



Founded in 2000, GTIROZ has been running this private forum since 2005. It is the core basis and historical database of the club. Since most people are on FB we also run a "group" THERE, but we highly encourage all Australian owners to make the effort to JOIN this proper, private forum, where we are in full control of our own data. You can benefit from many years of collective, organised, searchable ownership experience, and contribute your own to future GTI-R owner generations.


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Guest Steve

Query on a GTI-R for sale

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Guest Steve

Hi Guys, 


Interested in purchasing my first GTI-R and came across the one below (not sure if this one has been advertised here yet)


Rolling shell with a stroker 2.2l engine ready to install. Looks like it has everything necessary to get it going. Wondering if it's a good price and what it would roughly cost in labour to get it all installed and ready to go if no issues.

Looks the the interior/exterior is in good condition too.


Thanks in advance, guys.

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If they look after their car like they look after their back yard I would steer well clear.


Strokers in GTI-Rs are only really of use to people with big wallets, chasing big power.


Regardless, you would want detailed invoices for the engine build showing matching numbers. 


If the head is separate from the block (sort of sounds like it) budget at least a grand (probably more) to have it assembled, and another grand to have it put in the car, and close to another to have it tuned properly.

Note that even with invoices you will struggle with any sort of warranty if it is has been built by different shops.


If you are just after a GTI-R you can enjoy driving in the hills there are much better examples out there for the price.

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