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[SOLD] [NSW] ‘94 Black needs work $4k

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Little baby godzilla with low k's that is looking for someone to love it.


Into being played with hard but I like being treated good. Noisy on the main streets, drifty on the backstreets. You know you want it 😉


I've had some work done over the years so I'll treat you good but I've been living rough and need some tlc. A bit of a spit and shine and you'll have a trophy wife in no time.




But yeah for real:


I've had this car for about 5 years and loved it. I'm studying at uni and I'm broke as with no time, so when the turbo seals blew and heater hoses cracked the same week about year ago I parked her up and haven't had a chance to do anything to get her working again. I'm sure some new spark plugs, oil change, and fuel flush would get her started without much issue. Would need to be towed, I'll jump it to get it onto a truck but not good to drive at all.


I was a mechanic on oil rigs for years so I've taken really good care of the car over the years and done a lot of maintenance. Oil changes, filters, etc whenever it was time and followed the service manual for everything else. I have only put about 20 000km on it so haven't had to do too much besides the basics and whatever came up. The timing chain should be good for a lot longer and there isn't anything else coming up that it needs. For real though it needs a good service after sitting, don't ignore that lol.


I've done all of the stuff that seems to go wrong on these pulsars. Fuel lines on the fuel tank, redone some dodgy wiring to stop fuses blowing, removed some trash mods and done them right, rebuilt the gearbox and clutch less than 5000km ago. 




 Bad stuff first:


-The turbo seals are done and it needs a rebuild, got quoted $600 but it isn't impossible to do yourself if you know what you're doing. 


-Cracked heater lines behind the block, spits out all the coolant in no time flat. I've got a whole kit of hoses to sort it out, gotta take off the intake plenum to get at them.


-Someone keyed it on the hood down to the primer so it needs a but of paint. Seriously no idea why, was just parked in a parking lot in Penrith.


-She is dirty as and the engine bay looks terrible. I just took the top mount off yesterday then realised I don't have time to do the work so I'll put it back on later today. It used to look nice lol.


-Cracked dash


-Some chunky overspray on the boot, took some off with a clay bar so it isn't the worst.




The good stuff:


-Done a lot of the maintenance items that messes people up with buying these and makes people call them unreliable. I never had any real problems.


-GAB adjustable shocks and med-low king springs


-3" exhaust turbo back, sounds awesome.


-Low k's and the engine was running great a year ago. Reliable and good power for mostly stock.




The rest:


-Tons of different spares for gearbox and bolts and whatnot


-Front mount and all the piping


-SSS bar on it now and spoiler off, was going to put a SSS hood on it and go a bit more stealth with an exhaust valve. Anyway, got the GTiR front bar with a cutout for a front mount and the spoiler holes are just siliconed over for now. Easy to revert.


-Could do with some bushings here and there but it was still handling nicely.


So if you want a project and think you can spend a few weekends and a grand on getting this thing running it will be a good car for you. I'll miss the f out of it but it deserves to be loved and driven.




Jamie 0481 318 420




KM: 120666












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Price rise - $4k


Update: 29/6


A whole lot of work came up and I haven't been able to show anyone the car. I won't be available until Wednesday 3/7. Please don't call me 28 times in a row like some people have been, seriously...


Sorry to everyone I promised times to come around. My bad, got hardcore swamped at work and did like 24 hours straight.




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You would have to call the seller @Gazza83 as we just list all Gtir’s that are found for sale.


The actual sellers number will be in the description.




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