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[SOLD] [QLD] '90 Black crashed $1.6k

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Listing for historical purposes. Ad taken from GTiROz FB page (now deleted)


Hey guys,


So had some back luck last week in the Gtir where i managed to run up the back of someone. Hit at about 40-50km/h and luckily no one was hurt. My insurer finished with their assessment this morning and obviously it has been written off so now I am left to decide what to do with the car. I dont really have the time or space at present to part it out, so i thought I'd open it up to you guys and see if anyone would be interest in buying the wreck as it stands.


The car starts and drives and everything appears to be in good order, the radiator cracked in the accident and dropped all of the water but it did not drop any oil. The damage is all front end, the bonnet, head lights, drivers side guard and radiator support are totalled. Everything else appears straight and all glass is intact. The front bar was uncut and might be salvageable.


The car was in good conditions before the accident with everything working as it should, it has BC Racing coil overs, Haltech PS1000, Whiteline rear sway bar and rear strut brace, 17x7 Lenso rims with 12 month old tyres. The engine had a stock rebuild by a previous owner in December 2012 (have the receipts) where ARP head studs and metal head gasket were installed from memory, a brand new stock turbo was also put on the car at the same time. Along with the wreck I will include a HDI front mount intercooler kit (2nd hand) and a set of 4 pot Hi Spec Motorsport bolt on front brake calipers (2nd hand) that I never got around to putting on the car and a spare set of rear... 


Rego: 851WKT

VIN: RNN14-000558









Prior to accident







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