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[SOLD] [VIC] ‘94 White $20k

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1.02.2020 SOLD $18k



1994 Nissan GTiR Super White (531) ~120,000km 


How good would it feel to have a GTiR that you could just jump into, turn the key and enjoy? To be able to drive the toge’ flat out with your best mates, then be able to cruise home in comfort with the AC blasting.


’ve had a blast driving this car for the past 2 years, but regrettably, it’s time to broaden my automotive horizons & I have put a heap of time into this car so myself & future owners could enjoy it. Both current GTiR Owners & Some ex owners can attest to how it is today vs the original condition when I bought it. As it sits right now It’s basically a complete S2 factory car with a small list of tasteful mods without going overboard to give it a “Stock Plus” vibe.  


Probably the best thing about this car is the detailed documentation it has had since it came to Australia. 


I have the original import paperwork, transfers of rego between owners and about 30 pages of invoices for work that was done by the previous owners. In short summary here is some major work that was done before I purchased it.


New Exhaust & Tune in 2007

Respray of the front half of the car in 2011 New Stock Turbo in 2011

All the Calipers Reconditioned in 2013 Gearbox & Clutch Replaced in 2013. 


While this car has been 100% reliable over the last 2 years, I have put a lot of effort and my own parts into covering off a lot of 5 Minute jobs and spent time replacing items that were missing and/or defective when I bought it; 


The little things I’ve Fixed / Replaced / attended to – In no particular order. 


Install / Replace Genuine 531 towhook Remove Faulty Alarm / Immobiliser system and re-wire factory central locking. Diagnose & fix ABS fault (G-Sensor wiring.) Replace lost splash guards – Inner Fender & Underbody New reverse / neutral sensor. Rechrome I/C Shroud Repaint I/C Mounting Brackets / Exhaust Manifold. Repaint / Replace Wiper Arms. Replace Both Power Window Regulators/Motors Replace Faulty Power Mirror Switch Replace 3rd Brake light Remove / Repair HVAC control & Wiring Replace Fan Resistor Remove / Restore Factory Boost Control Remove & Repair Drivers Seat Foam. Replace Factory Ashtray & lighter. Replace interior Kickpanels.  


In Keeping with the Stock Plus vibe – these are the goodies Installed. 


GPS Tracker – Will Provide Details to Buyer

Full CES Racing Exhaust – 3 Inch with Cat.

ChipTourque Daughterboard – Tuned for 16PSI.

Fenix (China) 50mm Alloy radiator.

Genuine Samco black Silicone radiator hoses.

Nismo 1.3bar radiator cap.

Whiteline Front Swaybar + Links Whiteline

Adjustable Rear Swaybar

Series 1 Steering Wheel.

Dash / Gauge LEDs.

Cusco Front Strut Brace.

Cusco Rear Strut Brace

Nismo Shift Knob 


Just Remember when you’re looking the price; what are you looking for in an R'  


Daily to Work? – No Problem.

Road trip in the middle of summer? – Easy.

Onramp Drags? - #Winning

Club Reg / 25 Year Rule? Eligible in June. 




Contact David - 0447016174


Rego: 1LS6PR

VIN: RNN14-151341

KM: 119904

Engine # SR20551268A


Previous ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/15401-sold-vic-94-white-s2-low-mods-95k/















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