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[SOLD] [VIC] ‘91 Black $10.5k

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Ad taken from Facebook.


Ok so I'll probably regret this, make sure you read the description thoroughly or I wont reply.


Not in any rush what so ever to sell this car the prices of these pulsars are going up quickly and theres almost none for sale!


Nissan Pulsar GTi-R 1991

The car is currently sitting on stock nissan wheels I no longer have the steel D shaped wheels. Condition of the body is average the plan was to make the minor repairs and re spray but I just dont have the time to do it. 


Engine is A1 always upgraded turbo upgraded intercooler and exhaust with an eboost 2 controller with a battery to boot  relocation. Only running 10psi and the car is very fast!!!!!!


Genuine sale as it states above I'm in zero rush to sell this car it comes with reg and No roadworthy but if you know someone it should be easy to put in your name. 


Not interested in swaps and the prices is not neg it's a 20 year old car its rough here n there but only cosmetic still comes up good in photos.




sellers contact: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1007141627


Previous ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/15628-sold-vic-91-black-5k/


Rego: ARG419

VIN: RNN14-051545

KM: 180000








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