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[SOLD] [QLD] 2 GTIRs grey and white $14k

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Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Package Deal

For sale are a set of twins, Nissan’s ‘Baby Godzilla’.

For those of you familiar with these little weapons, you would know that they are an AWD, 50/50 split, SR20det powered boist. If you have been following the market (jump on gumtree if you need a refresher) you will see that these cars are now fetching over 20k for a reasonable example.

The great points about each of these cars are that they are rust free, mechanically sound and completely driveable only needing minor TLC. Both the interiors are fantastic for their age.

The grey car, is 99% original, with the exception of some paint on the roof and bonnet, an exhaust and a turbo timer.

The white car, has been painted matte white and needs another paint job to really tidy it up. It has a front mount inter cooler, lowered suspension, and once upon a time had a full rollcage.

Both cars retain their standard interiors, with the exception of the white car having a nismo cluster.

The white car:

Rego: 656VRQ

VIN: RNN14-003664

KM: 157975

- NISMO gauges
- Original interior, no tears in seats
- Pod filter
- Power windows
- Heavy duty clutch (quite heavy)
- Gearbox is tight
- Painted matte white, could use paint if you want it to be perfect but the body is very straight
- Strut brace
- Has an exhaust leak from the manifold
- Drives well, handles well
- Good tyres

The grey car:

Rego: 308JMI

VIN: RNN14-052433


- Mostly stock
- Original interior, no tears in seats
- Gearbox is very tight
- Heavy duty clutch
- Power windows
- Good tyres
- Has an oil leak from the valve cover. Still drivable but should be addressed at some stage
- Has an exhaust leak from the manifold like the white one

Both cars start, run and drive just fine. With a small amount of TLC they’ll be little weapons and if you wanted to paint them, you’d have two little cars that aren’t just capable, but very clean. The bodies on both these cars are very straight.

At this stage I don’t want to separate and I’m asking $14,000 ONO, which is a good deal considering if you cleaned both of them up you’re left with 40k worth of car.

Or sell one and get a free GTIR.

Will swap to the value of 18k with cash either way.

The cars are located on the Northside of Brisbane.

















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