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[NLFS] [QLD] '92 Matte Black - 2.2L Drag $30k (or swaps)

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As Adam let the cat out of the bag to a few friends already I thought the sooner I post this the better 


I need the storage room and the old japjet has sat untouched for years,

we were just starting to strip the car down for a few QLD alterations for rego 

( needed to bump roll cage out to allow for dash windscreen blower fan to be installed and put windscreen wiper / washers back in ) 

and planned on upgrading to  Haltech  gear and a few cooling and gearbox  tweaks 


Then I crashed my NX and injured my back ( seat snapped in half), as I result I have been unable to sit in any car for any long periods of time, especially when combined with vibration  


so this beast of a car has sat with its dash and front end off most of the time I have had it 

Almost everything is still there but the bride bucket seats 


I have a brand new Pfitzner Performance 1-4 straight cut synchro set with billet 3/4 selector still in the box


so I have a few options store japjet somewhere else 

sell as a rolling project and all associated parts for $20k 

Finish what I started and sell  for $30k 

or trade car for a vehicle that I need, which is pretty much anything I can use to sell produce at the local markets ( fish  fruit / veg etc ) 

ie) food van, courier van, Ute + Trailer, Small bus  or anything with a lot of storage 





VIN: RNN14-053349



Previous ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/10385-nsw-matte-black-22l-drag-japjet-17k/


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