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[SOLD] [SA] '90 Grey Low KM $7.5k

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For sale is my beloved Nissan Pulsar GTiR. The car is a 1990 model, SA-registered through 3rd June 2018. I would love to keep this car, but opportunities abroad mean I need to let her go. I have been slowly restoring/replacing parts in an OEM+ style.


Overall the car is in great condition for 28 years young. It has covered 131,XXX km at the time of writing. Still has original dash-mat, all OEM gauges work perfectly and the motor is absolutely rock solid, no leaks whatsoever. Next service is due at 133,000. Some improvements could be made by a fastidious owner, which I’ll cover below. It has been my reliable daily driver for the past (over) three years and I have never taken the car on track.


I’ve approached maintenance with an eye to long-term reliability, no expense spared. Thousands in receipts from Driven Motorsport, where regular inspections, servicing and parts-replacement has been undertaken. Jon at Driven has OK-ed prospective buyers to contact him if unsure of the car’s maintenance history.


Since 2014, maintenance parts (roughly in order) include:


  • Rear wheel bearings (OEM)

  • Rear sway bar links (OEM)

  • Brake pads all round (Bendix)

  • Front brake rotors (DBA slotted)

  • Water pump (OEM)

  • Water pump belt (OEM)

  • Power steering belt (OEM)

  • Alternator belt (OEM)

  • Air filter (pod)

  • Rocker cover gasket kit (PermaSeal)

  • Spark plugs (NGK)

  • Wiring - remove old turbo-timer, remove non-standard wiring

  • Battery replace (RAA - still under warranty)

  • Full fluids flush (coolant, oils, brake, power-steer, clutch)

  • Front CV boot kits (OEM) plus clean & re-grease CV joints

  • Upper & lower radiator hoses (OEM)


Mods include:


  • 440cc injectors

  • Nistune ECU

  • Z32-style AFM (I don’t think this is a genuine Z32 but has not missed a beat)

  • GAB front strut brace

  • BC Gold Series RNN14-specific adjustable coilovers

  • 2.25’’ full mild steel exhaust

  • Boost tee set at 16PSI

  • BOV delete

  • Autometer boost gauge

  • 15 x 8 +20 WORK Meister S1 2P wheels, refurbished with centres painted Lambo Grey

  • Lock nuts with key

  • Michelin PilotSport 3 tyres all round (6 months old now, almost no wear)

  • Alpine single-DIN head unit (audiophile unit)

  • Polk MM 6.5’’ front speakers

  • Doors Dynamatted around speakers

  • NISMO metal gear knob


Could see improvement (if you’re picky like me):


  • Some paint-fade on spoiler, tops of doors, side mirrors

  • Some car-park dings in doors from previous owner

  • AUX cord for stereo has dodgy jack (have replacement unit here, but I use USB)

  • Minor damage/marking on driver’s seat (all other seats very good condition)

  • Currently has standard N14 steering wheel - I have spare worn genuine GTiR wheel that needs refurbishing before going on car (in my opinion)

  • Gear shifter boot fabric is worn

  • Boot gas struts could use replacing

  • No spare wheel

  • Air con cooling has never worked...get a Camry or something if you want A/C comfort 🙂

  • Driver’s side power window is slow to go up. Has been slow for 3+ years and never changed, been waiting for the motor to give up to replace it but it never has!

  • Something in the Driver’s side central locking unit causes the passenger door to lock-unlock-lock randomly occasionally when car is running. Auto-elec said don’t worry about it but a fussy owner may like to replace the Driver’s side unit or check solders.


The car will come with: spare (worn) GTiR steering wheel, brand-new Sony 2-channel amp, brand-new replacement “AUX+” input for Alpine head unit, full car-cover.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! I have driven and loved this car for a long time now so I will probably have an answer. Would much prefer to sell to an enthusiast who will enjoy the car and continue to care for it. GTiRs are dwindling in numbers and I would love this to become a shining example of the model.


Price is $7.500 (or $6500 BYO wheels). This is a very fair price considering the state of most GTiRs that hit the market, so please don’t “make me an offer.” Get in touch to check it out in person. Test drives are at my discretion, thank you for understanding.


Contact Tom Lindley-Donaldson by Facebook Messenger or txt/call 0425 777 697. Thanks!
























Rego: S162ANN

VIN: RNN14-003982

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Give In

Looks nice mate, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting that money for it. 

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9 hours ago, Give In said:

Looks nice mate, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting that money for it. 


Hoping so! I've got til May 12th to sell or it'll be sitting in storage til next I'm in Aus.


A few enquiries already so I think it'll move fairly quickly.

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Sold - $6.5k

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