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[SOLD] [VIC] EOI ‘90 Black $8k

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1990 GTi-R with sunroof, umbrella holder in drivers door as factory purely EOI. 

Some info about my car.

I've owned this car for about 7 years been my daily since purchased.

Motor is still original and unopened runs like a dream everything around the motor has been the replaced during ownership gearbox, turbo rebuild, clutch, water pump, radiator hoses, the most recent replacement was the brake disc and brake pads on the front both sides last month. 

It's done under 200,000 kilometres

Mods: very little

- Has a front intercooler no holes intercooler piping
- Upgraded fuel pump
- Running 10psi all day everyday
- 3" turbo back catless in into 3" inlet tip exhaust outlet of 2 1/2" dual tips
- Tinted windows 

Everything works except A/C (A/C was disconnected when I purchased the car was planning to get it fix and get it going again but since it's been used as a daily haven't got around to it as I was quite comfortable without A/C)


Rego: GTIR1

VIN: RNN14-001141


Engine # SR20061735A


Old ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/5885-sold-vic-90-black-125k/







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Guest Caleb

Would I be able to come for an inspection of the car ? 

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Caleb, best to contact the owner via the facebook link above.

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