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[SOLD] [VIC] ‘90 Black forged engine 130km $9k

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Year: 1990

Colour: Black

Location: Geelong, VIC or Ballarat during the week after 6pm

Reg: 1DU2PG

VIN: RNN14-000546

Kilometers: 130,xxx

Engine # SR20083986A

Price: $9,000 ono

Contact: Tim 0402 844 710 or tim.wasa88@gmail.com



Hi guys, it’s time to sell my GTiR. I live in Geelong and working away from home in Ballarat and only back 1 day a week and have no time for the baby zilla.


I bought it locally as a non-runner 2 years ago. The car was sitting for 5 years before I picked it up and didn't take much to get her going again. Over the years I have been fixing, improving and cleaning the zilla. I had so many ideas/plans for her and started collecting parts but I just don't have the time anymore.

It was a weapon when it was running 1.3 bar, but the clutch started to slip so it’s back to 1 bar til I had a chance to put in a new clutch.


The bad points:

-What you would expect from 25 year old black paint. Fine scratches, fading on roof in patches, dents below RH tail light and the bonnet grills have some paint peeling on the tips.

-Some stains on the seats

-Boot glass tint scratched

- AC used to work but the condenser has a hole and will need replacing


I have no time to organise a RWC but I have all the parts needed to pass. It will need rear wheel control arm bushes, front sway bar ball joints, enclosed air filter and steering rack bushes.


Below is a list of the things I have done. No doubt I’ve forgotten some stuff and will update the list when I remember.


-Rebuilt with forged CP pistons

-ARP head studs and rod bolts

-Full reconditioned head

-Turbosmart boost gauge

-Innovate wideband O2 gauge

-Silicone coolant hoses

-New knock sensor


-GFB boost tee

-HKS ball bearing turbo

-Rebuilt the IAC and idles beautifully

-Stainless steel 2.75" cat back exhaust

-K&N M’s pod filter

-MSD blaster 2 coil

-New distributor cap and rotor

-Bridgestone RE003 tyres

-KYB rally suspension

-Short shifter

-Whiteline anti-lift kit

-New lower control arm bushes and ball joints

-Diffs and gearbox filled with Penrite pro gear oil

-Shell helix and Nissan filter

-All fuel lines replaced with E85 lines

-Reconditioned and flow matched injectors

-New fuel pump

-Rebuilt LHF brake caliper (have kit for RHF)

List of spare parts/ Things I bought for upgrades:


-AM performance turbo dump pipe (2nd hand) with new spare 3” flex joint, 3” CAT and a 3” to -2.75” reducer (all stainless)

-Ogura twin plate clutch (2nd hand but still has plenty of meat)

-Reinforced clutch fork pivot

-EGT gauge kit

-Poly engine mount kit

-Whiteline rear control arm bush kit

-Steering rack bush kit

-Front sway bar ball joints

-Brembo front brake pads

-R33 GTST AFM with new wiring connector, air straightener and bellmouth intake

-Spare rear spoiler and rear bumper


I also had some carbon fiber panels made up to fabricate an air box to make it roadworthy. I also have a smaller air filter with a air box canister that will pass RWC.


I work monday to saturday til 5:30 in ballarat. I am only available on sundays to view the car.

I will get some more photos when I’m back home.




















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