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The Nissan GTI-R (RNN14) Owners Club Australia



We maintain a list of every Nissan Pulsar GTI-R for sale in Australia that we find publicly available HERE.



Founded in 2000, we have been running this private forum since 2005. It is the core basis and historical database of the club. Since everyone is on FB we also run a "group" THERE, but we highly encourage all Australian owners to JOIN this real forum, where we are in full control of our own data, and benefit from many years of collective, organised, searchable ownership experience.

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Guest Steve

Should I or shouldnt I?

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Guest Steve

So I have a Datsun 1600 with A ca18det that is in a long term build,  I'm currently driving a Ford Courier as a daily.

What I  am considering is a GTiR as a daily.  (sitting in traffic on the highway an hour each way to work)  Good idea or bad idea?

also how much room is in the back seat as I have 2 young ones?


Cheers Steve

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They can be cool as a daily (keep the clutch full-face organic, suspension on the soft side, exhaust toned down and aircon in place), but regular stop-start highway traffic would suck (even more) in any manual car...


Back seat can fit kid seats, and the doors are quite long, but if you're tall (so have the drivers seat far back) the one behind you won't have much room.

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