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Guest Marco

GTi-R erratic acceleration

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Guest Marco

Hello guys, long time reader and firs time poster, I've come to a point where I don't know what to do anymore because of confusing and contradicting information on the internet. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this?


So here goes:

I braught a gtir a couple of months ago and it always had this problem, it accelerates erraticly, eg:  it comes on power than loses it then gains it again and so on.

At first I thaught "water in the dizzy" because probably the Moran washed the engine with a pressure washer from the top... Anyway I checked the dizzy and the seal is missing about 1cm on the bottom of it and with that massive scoop the gtir has and no top mouth intercooler ( got a front mount) humidity would seep in over night and a lot of corrosion would accour on the pins, so much that I had to scrape them every 1-2 weeks but every time I did this the car felt better but still had this hesitation on acceleration, also checked the spark plugs(after buying the car)  and they had water on top, so I cleaned that  and water hasn't reappeared, after this I checked for boost leaks with a conpressor going from after the first pipe  of the intercooler bolted to the turbo and plugged just before the inletmanifold. Pressuruzed to 2 bar and nothing, I wasn't happy so I kept looking and hey Presto I found some horrible things, first immage is the big 2,5 cm diameter rubber tube that comes out the bottom of the manifold about 5 cm after the intercooler piping ends (where is this capped piping suppose to be plummed to?) 

Then I took the intercooler piping off the turbo and what a supprise another seal missing a cm... I repleced that..

Then checkedt the piping from the turbo to the air filter. And here I have to say I am so appauld... Sikaflex stuck in 2 side holes.. (what if it dislodged and went in the turbo? I can't believe this...)

Anyway I plugged those holes and tested it and the car seemed to go much much better but it still has this hesitation!!! And it's getting worse to the point I can no longer drive it now, 

Yesterday I checked injectors as there is a ticking sound coming from the engine and the first injector (where the ticking sound is coming from) signed 0 ohms and all others say 2 ohms  the injectors are Jecs A46-00 yellow top which by jecs specification should be 11.2 so I checked them again and now all 4 are reading 2 ohms? So now I am like wtf...

I know that gtirs have low impendence incjectors but to be sure could someone checked their injectors?

I'm going to check the fuel pump this weekend,

Soory for te long post guys I didn't mean to but there is so much stuff I need to understand



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Marco, sorry to hear of your troubles :(


This section of the forum is for "Prospective Owner Queries" (ie. people who do not own a GTI-R) and is only seen by a few members (staff).


Please click the "SIGN UP" button at the top right of the window and fill in the form to create an account.


Once your account is approved you will have access to all the full forum - and we can move your post above into the troubleshooting/maintenance section which can be seen by the entire club.



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...but to give you some rough initial pointers:


- The large hose coming off the underside of the plenum/inlet manifold (the one in the pic) goes to the factory blow-off-valve

- The 2 holes in the pipe between filter and turbo are most likely for the recirc pipe from the factory bov, and the bleed hose for the factory boost solenoid

- Injector resistance should be between 1 and 3 ohms

- Check your timing is correct (20º)

- Confirm you have NO BOOST/VAC LEAKS

- Put some new spark plugs in (BKR7E)

- Put in a new dizzy cap and rotor button

- Check/clear ECU fault codes (and self-learn data)

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