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Guest Jayson

Wheels... Factory specs

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Guest Jayson
My first post on here, so be a bit gentle! I'm on other forums, and I know the general rules, so I've searched and used different criteria to find my answer to no avail. What I'd like to know is the factory spec's for the GTi-R wheels. I've got a 1990, but I'm not sure if at any point they changed. 
I have the genuine tyre placard still on the car, so the rolling diameter is OK to work out, and I can obviously spot they're 4 bolt wheels, but I'd like to know bolt hole PCD, offset etc. I believe factory is supposed to be 14" x 7" with 100 PCD, no idea on the offset.
Essentially, I'm trying to not upset the factory speedo/rolling diameter, but I want to go a bit bigger on my car. I'm thinking 16" diameter as 17" would mean a super stiff sidewall/ride( the car has Tein Super Street coil overs and it is already stiffer than Ron Jeremy OD'ing on Viagra). It's currently got a doleful set of three spoke Momo rims that just have to go, but before I order anything, I would love to know factory specs! 
Cheers, JC


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Hi JC,


factory GTiR wheels are 14x6" 4x100 PCD +40 offset.


why not join our forum and you'll have access to all our info.





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