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The Nissan GTI-R Owners Club Australia



We maintain a list of every Nissan Pulsar GTI-R that we find publicly available for sale in Australia HERE.



Founded in 2000, GTIROZ has been running this private forum since 2005. It is the core basis and historical database of the club. Since most people are on FB we also run a "group" THERE, but we highly encourage all Australian owners to make the effort to JOIN this proper, private forum, where we are in full control of our own data. You can benefit from many years of collective, organised, searchable ownership experience, and contribute your own to future GTI-R owner generations.


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Guest attycuz

Possible new car

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Guest attycuz

Hey Guys, 


Ive always wanted a GTiR and having just sold my 300zx now is the time to buy (if the wife lets me haha) 


I have been looking around and found this example on gumtree, has anyone seen it before or got any information on it? 




Is there anything i should really look out for? He has owned it for about 10 years which has to be a good thing. 


And you reckon its an ok price? 


Sorry for all the questions. 



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Questions are welcome :)


Don't recognise it as being in the club.


Pics are a bit small, and no real shots of the interior... but from what you can see it does look pretty clean and unmodified.


The green (DL2) colour is quite rare which is a bonus, as are those spotlights (although they look to be missing some of the bracketry, which could mean they were installed afterwards) and the rear speaker unit is also a bit special (if it works).


The broken odometer is questionable (may have been tampered with). Although the if the interior is in good condition, and an engine compression test shows good results that's not really an issue.


- Compression test engine.

- Check service history for regular fluid changes (engine, gearbox, transfer, rear diff, clutch, brakes).

- Inspect/drive several different examples to get a feel for how the engine sounds and gear shifts feel so you can compare it to this one.


If it is indeed in good nick then the price is fair in the current market.


What's your intended use?

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Also to add,

this car was for sale through a car yard many years ago...sporting a different front bumper. i'm certain the current seller would have been the buyer from back then.


its been unregistered for close to 4 years, so keep that in mind if/when you look over it.

the seller won't budge from his asking price...at all. which i personally think is a bit much for a car thats been sitting idle for as long as this has.

but, if you're in the market...this would be worth a look.

good luck!

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Guest Attycuz

Wow good find on the old posts :)

Yeah ill go check it out and have a look, now I know what to look for.

As for use nothing to drastic, subtle modifications and maintenence. (That's how they all start haha)

There is also this one I'm looking at too...


Which I can get for the same price as the other...

Thanks for the help so far.

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