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The Nissan GTI-R Owners Club Australia



We maintain a list of every Nissan Pulsar GTI-R that we find publicly available for sale in Australia HERE.



Founded in 2000, GTIROZ has been running this private forum since 2005. It is the core basis and historical database of the club. Since most people are on FB we also run a "group" THERE, but we highly encourage all Australian owners to make the effort to JOIN this proper, private forum, where we are in full control of our own data. You can benefit from many years of collective, organised, searchable ownership experience, and contribute your own to future GTI-R owner generations.


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Guest Matt

Gtir purchase

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Guest Matt


I've been looking at buying Gtir for a while now and i wanted one fairly stock i've recently found one for sale for $4500 only with a front mount and apexi computer but his ad says that the clutch is slipping. Is that a big job? Is it costly?

Also another question do Gtirs have anchor point for child seats or can they be installed?


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Hi Matt,


Clutch is indeed a big job. The engine basically has to be removed (it can be done with the engine in, but it takes about the same amount of time).

These days you're looking at around $1000-1200 for a mechanic to do the job, plus the clutch kit cost of $400-500 (for an OEM style).

It is highly recommended to find a mechanic who has done one before - and who is willing to do it again.

Note that problems are regularly reported after professionals are used to change a GTI-R clutch or gearbox. Broken electrical connectors, damaged sensors and missing bolts are the most common.

It is a time-consuming and fiddly job, and the GTI-R is now old, and is increasingly precious when it comes to the treatment of it's components.

It's not hard to DIY if you have the time and space (no special tools are needed), and in most cases you will get a better result .


There were no anchor points when the cars were built in Japan, but they were part of the compliance process when imported to Australia for road registration.

Not all have them though (some due to being brought in under different import schemes, some due to dodgy compliance shops).

They are often bolted to the roof in the boot. They are not expensive or hard to install: http://rawsparts.com.au/product.php?id_product=91


Hope that helps.

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