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GTI-R SR20VET Poland - Purchase advice

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Guest Incubare



My name’s Lucas, I live in Poland and I’ve been thinking about buying GTI-R for some time. My English is a little bit rusty so I apologize for any mistakes!

There’s one very interesting project to sell in my country that I’m seriously interested in. As I’m not really a GTI-R expert (so far) I’d appreciate your opinion.

I saw a lot of interesting projects in different forums for less than that so I’m wondering… Is it worth it?

The owner wants 39k PLN (13.5k AUD), I want to buy for max 35k PLN (12k AUD).


Description in EN is here. Current sales ad is here.

(since than the car got new set up (430HP/470Nm) and wideners around wheels)



- The car is built almost from scratch. One unique feature is VET added to the engine – and it’s seems to work!

- Is very quick (approx 4s to 100km/h), engine power currently approx 430hp (Admin edit: so around 250kw atw) and 470Nm… and that look :)



- Reliability. My main concern is gearbox/clutch. Just recently 3rd/4th gear broke. It’s fixed now but I’m worried as this is probably the weakest link in this project right now.


I would appreciate any advice and opinions! This is a huge investment for me and very serious decision.

I don’t want to buy a car that needs +50% investments (I’ve already have 2 projects like that – CRX and Saab 900NG)   





post-40-0-00141500-1406764680_thumb.jpg post-40-0-63160500-1406764688_thumb.jpg post-40-0-57676300-1406764690_thumb.jpg

post-40-0-58845000-1406764689_thumb.jpg post-40-0-74231400-1406764687_thumb.jpg post-40-0-42263500-1406764686_thumb.jpg


Responses from other GTI-R owners clubs:





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