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[QLD] '91 Black Modena LSD $4k ono

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Year: 1991

Colour: Factory Black

Location: Cairns QLD

Reg & Expiry: 912RMT Expiry: 24/09/14

VIN: RNN14-021327

Kilometres:  145k

Price: $4000 ono.

Contact: 0458388834

Details: Up for sale is my pride and joy. 

I've spent literally thousands improving this car. All recipted. Only used 98Ron fuel, and quality oils. 

Work completed: 

Modena front LSD ($1200) - Limited numbers were ever made and makes a huge difference reducing understeer and improving front end grip. 
Rebuilt Brakes including all seals with EBC greenstuff pads, RDA slotted and dimpled rotors, castrol super dot 4 fluid 
Replaced shifter bushings, and selector dust boot and added a stiffer return spring 
Whiteline rear sway bar and bushes 
Whiteline anti-lift kit - reduces understeer, increases castor and handling characteristics 
Whiteline front lower control arm bushes 
Whiteline rear strut bar (over $500 spent on Whiteline gear) 
Lightweight 16x8 Enkei RPF1 (can't even buy these in 4 stud now) ($1300) 
NEW Kumho KU31 215/40 tyres ($800) 
Ksport Coilovers ($1500) 
3" Dump pipe and Exhuast 
Greddy Profec B II boost controller ($300) 
Heat wrapped manifold 
Turbosmart BOV Plumbed-back to intake (very nice noise) 
Catch can 
Rebuilt distributor ($380) - Nissan do not make them anymore 
New Camshaft position sensor 
New 02 Sensor 
New OEM coolant temp sensor 
New Fuel Filter 
New Rad hoses 
New oil filter 
Oil cooler in brake duct 
NGK copper spark plugs (correct heat range) 
Replaced and cleaned AFM 
Kenwood Headunit 
New headlight globes 
S13 gearknob 
OMP Deep Dish steering wheel 

Nissan Sunny spoiler supplied ready to be painted (looks nicer) 
(Will sell with standard spoiler as well) 
N14 pulsar standard bonnet currently fitted as it weighs less and looks cleaner 
GTiR Bonnet Supplied with sale (worth >$400 if you'd like to resell) 
Spare headlight and stdf ront diff also supplied. 

Car runs really well, compression test was good across all cylinders. 

Air conditioning is fitted but doesn't blow cold air. 

*Clutch bearing went and I just don't have the funds, or time to fix it.* 

Just needs new clutch approx. ~$600 

Please call for any queries. 
I hate to see her go but am in debt and need the funds.









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don't sell it for 4grand dude, jeez its worth double that even with a fecked clutch!!

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don't sell it for 4grand dude, jeez its worth double that even with a fecked clutch!!


deducting 4 grand for no spoiler... hahaha!


nevertheless, it's selling for a lot less than it should be...


good luck with the sale, absolute bargain...

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Wow man, so cheap! Easily worth double that with the work done. 


Hell, you could part it out for more then that. 

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Guest Junmo

Oh. My dear. 


I am very much interested in your R. And I am also in Cairns.


I am in Korea now, but I am going back to Cairns on 3, June. I will see the R and am going to buy it If you don't really hurry to sale it. 


0432 064 771 this is my contact number but it is not working until when I back.  or diver.orcas@gmail.com is also my contact email. 





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I really hate to sell guys. I'm just so strapped for cash and need the funds. I'm potentially loosing 7 grand on it... :'(

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Bitch bitch bitch. 

If only I had the balls to get back in a gitty. 



I could do the clutch in the garage in a short time, remove the aircon, knock up an airbox, put the sunny spoiler on (prefer it anyway), put some CDI in, push the gaps out to 1.1, get a decent rear silencer on it, and put in a strut-tower brace, rear anti-roll bar, and you have a little ripper of a rabbit just like that. Oh, and club rego. 





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