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Guest gtir.nme

gtir rally light pod

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Guest gtir.nme

Ive searching high and low for a rally style light pod for the iR but have not found one example at all.

I have since made my own fiberglass one and was just woundering if there was any intrest out there.

im also making front tow eye covers as they are rare as rocking horse poo.

pics will be added.

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The old Protech rally car (D. Stannus) based in VIC used to run a wild one now and then:


post-40-0-73543400-1366110748_thumb.jpg post-40-0-29423200-1366110912_thumb.jpg


...and the NME cars had some bolt-ons, which they added a cover to in the 2nd year:


post-40-0-41813900-1366111374_thumb.jpg post-40-0-04218900-1366111381_thumb.jpg


...and there was the factory option driving/fog light kits:


post-40-0-68500500-1366111522_thumb.jpg post-40-0-13477600-1366111532_thumb.jpg


...and there were a couple of custom front bumper kits from the UK (Turini & Kudos):


post-40-0-70646100-1366111717_thumb.jpg post-40-0-55188600-1366111724_thumb.jpg


...but no, there is nothing currently available.



There may be some interest... and probably moreso in the tow hook covers (if they are cheaper than the still-available OEM ones).


Join the club and start some threads! :)

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