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Guest Phillip

Info on this GTiR?

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Guest Phillip

Hi there, I am in the market for a new car and this particular GTiR has caught my attention.

I spoke to the guy (Luke) and he said he has owned it for a few years but the previous owner dropped a heap of money on it.

The car is heavily modified so I would figure it is known within the GTiR community, or he may be a member here, hence why I am asking.

If anyone does have any info it would be greatly appreciated as I am very interested in it but have to check all the boxes before I put money on it.

Link:http://www.carsales....t&cr=0&__N=1246 1247 1252 1282 4294963846 4294963786 1216&silo=Stock&find=GTiR|CarAll

The bloke said he had it for $10k but after getting it detailed etc he noticed abit of paint fade on one side so estimated the cost of the repsray and took $2k off it

Also it is going in for a service and RWC next week sometime and that one of the power window motors is gone and he will be replacing it.

Thanks in advance



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It was owned by a guy called Keiron in Hervey Bay from 2005-2009, he was a member here about a year.

It had an unknown engine rebuild when he purchased it, and he added the exhaust, fmic, turbo, teins and shiny bits: http://www.gtiroz.ne...?showtopic=7519

He also did some "interesting" painting of the interior trim: http://imageshack.us...2/71147720.jpg/

That's the last time it was seen here...

About 6 months later he mentioned:

New owner smashed the clutch racing in bris a few months after he picked her up.

One good thing tho he said he pretty much dominates every thing he races around the streets of Brissy.

It was running 20psi at the time.

Looks like it's had an engine rebuild, surge tank added and ECU swap since then.

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Guest phillz91

Thank you so much. The bloke said he put in a new HD clutch but neglected to say why it was needed lol.

Had a chat to Godzilla Motorsports and they said the engine was in good nick when they installed the forged pistons and tuned it to it's 12psi current state bout 3-4weeks ago.

So far the bloke has been pretty forthright about things and what has been done so I might give him a call and arrange a mobile mechanic to check it out (live in Townsville)

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