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[SA] 1993 White GTiR $10k

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Year: 1993

Colour: White

Location: Lewiston SA

Reg & Expiry: S347-XXX

Kilometres: 17XXXX

Price: 12,000 ONO Price Drop: 10,000 SOLD $9.5k


Tamara: 0419 095 545 /

Aaron: 0422 360 103 /


Original purchase thread: viewtopic.php?t=11127

This is my Girlfriends car (Mystic01) she has had it since March last year and is selling to buy a house.

Fresh engine with less than 3000K's since overhaul.

Very well looked after, always garaged/kept under a car cover, kept clean and drives beautifully.

Have always used quality oils and spared no expense in maintenance.

Immaculate Interior.

Paint is very good - a few imperfections but over all very clean and very straight for a 20 year old car.

Overhauled due to low compression as a result of siezed piston rings.

* - Done since purchase


CP Pistons

*New Piston Rings

ARP Rod Bolts

*Remachined and Rebalanced Shot Peened Rods (again)

*Remachined and Rebalanced Crank (again)

*Remachined and Rebalanced flywheel (again)

*New ACL Race bearing and gasket kit

*Lifters re shimmed

*Replaced cams with good condition 2nd hand items

Standard Turbo (Did not come with 2871R as advertised previously)

Turbosmart BOV


Walbro 600hp in-tank fuel pump,

Sard fuel pressure regulator,

Sard 700cc injectors

Front Mount Intercooler

9 Row Oil Cooler with braded lines

Catch Can

Apexi Power FC, Apexi Boost Controller and Commander

* Retuned after Run In.


*New Xtreme HD Clutch < 3000k's old

*New BC BR Gold Series Coilovers - < 5000k's old

Cusco front and rear strut braces

Slotted Front Rotors

*Freshly Rebuilt Calipers < 5,000k's old

*Bendix Ultimate Pads < 5,000k's old

Clear side indicators

3" Split Dump and front pipe to cat - 2.5" catback.

*New 4x Bridgestone Adrenaline RE001 Tyres 205/40/17 < 10,000k's old

ROH BoostR Wheels 17x7


Kenwood DVD player with 3.5” built in screen, Bluetooth and Ipod adapter

200W amp, Sony sub, JBL front splits + rears

HKS turbo timer

White faced gauges

Option Garage backlit gauges (blank when car is off)

B+M Short Shifter

Nismo Duracon Gear Knob

Momo Race steering wheel

Alarm and Immobiliser

She will be very sad to see the car go (not as sad as me though) but unfortunately cannot afford to keep.

Will be sold with 3 months rego.

Feel free to contact myself or Tamara. I will obviously keep an eye on this thread and my inbox and try to answer as many questions/queries as possible. Inspections Welcome.




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Nice looking car Aaron, at least you have the GTiROZ sticker in the correct place. :wink: With a fresh engine rebuild, makes this car very cheap.

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This car used to belong to my previous boss. I was bugger all from buying it myself, he beat me to it. From being in the car the 2 times, I can back up it's cleanliness regards to the body and interior.

My old boss's for sale thread.


Alot more pics can be found in the NSW Members gallery

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I get the feeling the last time it was built it was slapped together for resale.

We (our mechanic and I) noticed a few strange things when pulling the engine down.

Vice grip teethmarks on the timig chain oil squirter and hammer marks on the end, the clutch was ridiculously worn for the amount of time it had supposedly been in the car (someone had either been thrashing the guts out of it or put the same plate straight back in after the build.) the bearings were standard items and worn quite badly, no hone marks in any of the bores etc

Just a few short cuts that didn't make sense unless it was fixed to get rid of.

Anyway that's all been addressed now and the car is in great shape, inside and out. New bearings, gaskets, etc etc.

It truly is a regrettable sale. I don't want to see it go, but unfortunately that's not up to me!

I've been trying to convince her to keep it but I dont think it's really an option even if we/she wanted to. :(

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Top stuff Aaron. My old boss was pretty meticulous when he had it. Regular servicing, next to no mods apart form how he got the car.

I would need to convince my better half to let me buy it.

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And originally it belonged to Tim Stanton, who was ubber meticulous about it's condition.

IIRC his father used to even lend a hand to maintain it.

Was a Nice R then, and presumably is a Nice R now.

Good luck with the sale.

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I looked at this car when I bought mine from Melbourne but he wouldnt budge on price and after reading aarons comments I'm happy with my choice. Nice looking car though. Gl with sale.

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Doesn't just look nice mate ;)

Well when I drove it,it was laggy as and the douche had the limiter set to 6500 because he said he had smashed a piston or sonething. Obviously cuz it was stitched together. What happened to the turbo that was on it?

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I don't know it wasn't on the car when we bought it, besides, i don't really think that's relevant. Considering it's a brand new/reco engine.

what power is it making after the run-in tune?

Can't remember to be honest - I'll have to get back to you. Tamara has the paperwork.

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Hi guys,

Just to clarify: the car didn't come with the larger turbo as originally advertised. It has a high-flo standard one now. Our mechanic has said that it's in good nick.

About 3months after I got it over from Melbourne it started to go downhill so I made the choice to get our mechanic to re-do the whole engine. As Aaron mentioned there were a few things that didn't add up re: new engine recently rebuilt. So, to avoid more pain and sadness I got the whole engine re-done.

It is now brand new (bar maybe 2000kms) and is better than it was originally. I have kept all receipts since purchase as well as the original ones which include import details.

When road tuned it made 185kw from memory (I will post up dyno sheet asap) We haven't done a full on power run as yet - not wanting to push a new engine too hard. Best thing to do is drive it and see - rather than analyse from behind your keyboard.

Mechanic has tuned it on 20psi, but the Commander allows you to turn down boost to 7psi or 14psi.

I wouldn't mid keeping it for weekend use but I really want this house! Don't think it's fair on the car for me to keep it mothballed on the odd chance I drive it.

Hoping some one will adopt it and lavish affection on it. Also hoping it will stay in the GTiRoz family so I know it will be well looked after. It is one of the cleanest Ir's I have seen.

I am negotiable on price - this house isn't going to be there forever

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Some more photos for you guys.

Said this already, but I'm negotiable on price. Will consider reasonable offers...






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