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SOLD [VIC] 1990 Black RB PPG HKS3037s $14k

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Year - 1990

Model – GTiR RB

Current Odometer - 63,237kms

Location – Melbourne Vic or 0439 745 842

Price - $15,000 neg - now reduced to $14,000 neg.

I have now owned this car for 3 and a half years, when purchased back in 2008, a lot of time and a great deal of money was needed to bring it back up to scratch . Due to a lack of use (has been sitting in my garage & at the workshop for the best part of the last 2 years) & a shift in priorities, the time has come to part ways. History of the vehicle can be tracked through the forum & I am happy to answer any genuine questions.

The engine was removed and completely rebuilt at 62,141km (total of 1096km travelled since complete rebuild). All supporting documentation for parts used & the engine build will be supplied with the vehicle. A new turbo & engine management were also sourced. Recent work by Kelford Cams + setup & re-tune to suit @ HPF in Dandenong has yielded 288.8kw @ the wheels on 25psi & 210kw @ the wheels on 15psi (achieved using 98 pump fuel only). Previous setup, 311.2kw @ the wheels was achieved, but the current setup comes on earlier & is much nicer through the range. This is not “did make, could make, made this much but we had to back it off, only running in but will make X kw once tuned” power quotes, these are genuine figures on a Dyno Dynamics dyno as of 31/08/2011. Gearbox has been only serviced using only Redline oils & still feels exactly like expected.

RWC will not be supplied with the vehicle. Interior has currently been removed from the car, all interior parts (with exception of centre console & carpet) will be supplied. I have other spares also, all of which will be supplied with the vehicle (flat N14 bonnet, spare seat etc). I am sure there are things that I may have missed here, more information & pictures can be provided upon request.


Engine Modifications

- Arias Forged Pistons

- Eagle Rods

- ARP Head Studs

- Cometic Head Gasket

- TOMEI Camshafts

- Titanium Valve Springs

- HKS 3037s Pro Turbo (100mm Inlet)

- Custom Manifold (Heat Wrapped)

- 3" Turbo Back Exhaust

- APEXi External Wastegate


- 1000cc Injectors

- Apexi Power FC

- HKS EVC 4 Boost Controller

- R33 GTR Fuel Pump

- Z32 Air Flow Meter

- TRUST Front Mount Intercooler

- Custom Alloy Piping

- YOSHIO Factory 2 Layer Copper Radiator

- Electric Thermal Fans

- CUSCO Oil Catch Tank


- PPG Gearbox Straight Cut 1st through 4th, 5th Close Ratio

- OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch

- NISMO Rear 2 Way LSD (as per previous owner)

- NISMO Centre Diff (as per previous owner)

- ENDLESS Front Rotors


- SAFETY 21 6 Point Rollcage

- TEIN Front (Adjustable) & Rear Coilovers (7 & 5kg/mm)

- Pillow Uppers

- CUSCO Front Strut Brace

- CUSCO Rear Strut Brace


- TRUST 80mm White Boost Gauge

- ABARIS Reclining Bucket Drivers Seat

- ABARIS Reclining Bucket Passenger Seat (not fitted)

- WILLANS Racing Harness (not fitted)

- NARDI Steering Wheel

- RAZO Gear Shifter

- Battery relocated to boot

- PIONEER Blue Tooth Head Deck (not fitted)






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Thats some nice stuff mate. Similar setup to one of the greek R's. good luck with the sale

It s making over 210kw@ 15psi

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This is a stroker 2.1L still?

What a complete machine you've built Jason. Well done and good luck with sale.

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Thanks Lindsay, apprecitate you comments.

Just to clarify - this is not a stroker 2.1.

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Good to see the car again mate, you've turned it into something definitely more streetable.

So tempting....must resist urge......

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I just moved in with the Mrs - that's enough reason in itself!

I have a SR5 tonka truck that will go absolutely ANYWHERE except my carpark at the new joint :lol: so if I end up off loading that and staying clear of a GTR, I'll give you a call :wink:

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Is this cars dyno tune on youtube?? Under bonnet looks very similar to something I've seen :D

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15k look like good deal

i think stripping the car can get more

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Kyle - yes, there is a video on YouTube of it on the Dyno (David was kind enough to take it & upload).

CMNG - I have no doubt I could perhaps get the same or a little more by stripping it but..... no room & not interested in parting this out. If someone wanted a reasonable deal on the entire car & then broke it up..... :thumbup:

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Sold this to pauly yet or what?!??!?!?!?! :twisted:

Are you talking about 180 Pauly?

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look like qld plates on it.. Cant miss that manifold though!!!

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Originally owned by John (OCZ-iR) in QLD for about 6 months: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6462 (who had a tumultuous time with it)

Pauly then also only had it for 6 months: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7627 (moronically edited the post so we can't track the changes, but iirc all that was really done was the gearbox)

All the work of turning it from a useless dyno queen lag monster into the awesome 11sec beast for sale now is credited to Jason...

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So can anyone recommend the best way to get this beast back to Northern NSW. :thumbup:

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Deposit's been paid, Trying to be in Melbourne next week to pick this beast up, was going to drive back but don't think it's worth it, been getting quotes to get it on a truck but not really getting anywhere. Any ideas on transport companies to try? What about on a train? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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