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Found 22 results

  1. Car - 1993 White GTIR Rego: WPN20R Sunroof Power windows Alpine Head Unit (cda9857) and Alpine R type 6” splits Eboost2 boost controller HKS turbo Timer Nismo gear knob Near perfect condition factory interior 5% window tint Castrol Edge 10/60 oil and repco filter for engine Redline shockproof oil for gearbox and diffs (friction modifier for front diff) Dot5 brake fluid Caltex Vortex98 Petrol Apr 2010 NSW rego and wpn20r plates 225wkw @ 17psi. Still waiting on a final tune. Expecting about 260wks @ 23psi. Engine/Driveline – Rebuilt 54c SR20DET – 3000kms on engine New factory Nissan crankshaft CP Pistons – 40 thou oversize Eagle Rods All new bearings, rods, bolts, timing chain, oil squirters, harmonic balancer etc etc etc New water hose kit Aluminium radiator with nismo radatior cap Tomei Procam 260 degree cams, 12mm lift Tomei valve springs New sump New oil pump New water pump Nismo 700cc inj Nismo Adj Fuel Regulator Plasmaman FMIC GCG GT3071 Turbo (exhaust housing ceramic coated) CES Racing split dump pipe (ceramic coated) Ceramic coated std exhaust manifold New 3inch exhaust (from dump back) with New high flow cat, resonator and muffler New Cushion Button Clutch and rebuilt master cylinder (stainless steel sleeves etc) Walbro fuel pump Z32 afm Nistune Battery relocated to boot Nismo Mechanical front LSD Diff Brakes/Suspension – Rebuilt (new pistons, seals etc) standard GTIR (ad22vf) callipers front and rear Drilled and slotted front rotors with EBC redstuff pads Standard rear rotors with metal pads Adr approved braided brake lines front and rear Tein Superstreet Coilovers Cusco front and rear strut braces Whiteline Adj rear sway bar Whiteline antilift kit Whiteline subframe lock kit Whiteline camber bolts Wheels/Tyres - Ekei RS Evolution 16x6.5 inch rims, powder coated black Toyo t1r 205/45/16 tyres (street) (500kms old) Kumho V70a semi slicks 205/50/16 (track tyres, one track day old) Basically everything listed above has been rebuilt or replaced over the last 12months that the car has been off the road and has about 3000kms on it. If there are any questions or more pics are required just ask. I have put ALOT of time, money and effort into making this car my ultimate gtir. I have receipts for every cent spent on the car aswell as dyno graphs and other supporting documents. I own my own business and an opportunity to expand has come up and its too good an offer to pass up. I am selling the gtir to free up some cash flow and make the accountant and business partners happy. 18k All offers considered Contact me on here via pm or on my mobile 0403568084. Car located in Newcastle NSW. Cheers
  3. Year: 1994 Colour: Factory White Location: Brisbane, Richlands Reg & Expiry: no rego and no rwc selling as is. VIN: RNN14-151134 Kilometres: 106662km Price: $7000 Ono Contact: Anthony mob 0424103271 or email antman_daman@hotmail.com Details: I'm selling the car today because the vehicle is no longer needed and has been sitting for the past 2 years undercover. For the 6 years that I've own it and the 4 years that I drove it everyday it was the best car, never broke down and was reliable. I hope that my little car finds a good home. The car is basically in unmodified as engine, power train wise. The only mods are the hks bov, apexi pod filter, tomei fuel pressure regulator, gizmo boost controller, walbro 255 fuel pump, hks turbo timer and exeddy HD cushion button clutch. New clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, brakes reconditioned 10k ago and new brake pads fitted. New water pump and new oil pump also fitted On the inside of the car is a BIG stereo in which I spent a majority of my money on. Custom sub box tuned to 56hz with 2 4" ports Soundstream splx12 12" subwoofer Soundstream trx2000d amplifier Soundstream cap cell/scell 1000amp for 8sec Soundstream RF-60C 6.5" component splits with x-overs Fusion 2ch amplifier Eclipse head unit After the stereo was in stalled I entered a SPL comp and placed second with 146.2 db. It's a loud stereo and I loved every beat that it pumped out. The car has been sitting undercover for the past 2 years and has been started and moved around regularly. The pain work is in good condition except for some small scratches and small bubbles of rust around the rear guards. Some of the bad points on the car. I recommend that the shocks be replaced, they feel a little spongy. Needs 2 cv boots because they are split. The a/c pump was removed due to failure and the lines removed while the condenser core and dryer are still in. The carpet needs replacing due to the clutch master cylinder leak that was repaired. In general the interior of the car shows some signs of its age and wear. But that's what happens to a 20yo car For any further questions please email or phone me Cheers Anthony 0424103271 antman_daman@hotmail.com
  4. Hi guys, As per my posts recently i only just got this car but i have had a injury at work and can no longer drive it for extended periods without being in pain., looking for a quick sale or swap for something nice and luxrious to drive daily. 1991 nissan GTiR pulsar, Great car to drive plently of power and handles like a gokart Redtop sr20det with indiviual throttle bodies Freshly rebuilt motor, ive been told conflicting things by people who know previous owner, some say its fully forged, some say its a stock rebuild, so ill say its a stock one for arguments sakes. Everything was done including welsh plugs (when i got it a heater hose was leaking, they are now all new rubber or new silicone) New HD excedy Clutch T28bb turbo running 10 psi stock boost pressure Full 3" turbo back exhaust straight through a little hotdog under the car with a flange at the back to flange on and off the mufflers (sounds great on boost, but fvcking loud, have a second rear section with mufflers in it) Sard fuel pressure regulator and upgraded fuel pump Stock top mount Front strut brace Almost new G4 racing coilovers with hight and dampning adjustments almost brand new Rolling on Buddy club p1 light weight racing wheels HID headlights and parkers Tinted windows 5% rear 20% front with 5% window band Gearbox is in great condition no crunching or noises Adjustable sway bar in the rear Just replaced Both front cvs and wheel bearing, selector shaft seal on the gearbox. Ive also given it a full service with castrol edge fully synthetic oil, nulon red coolant and other quality parts. if you have any interest, shoot me a pm. and we can talk, i am rather keen to sell it as i cannot drive it across town to work due to pain, i need a new car asap. i have it advertised here for a lot less than i do anywhere else... i just want it gone and would rather see it go to a good home with someone on here. Rego: LJJ91
  5. Year: 1993 Colour: Factory Black Location: Brisbane - Pinjarra Hills Reg & Expiry: 12/12 842JYG VIN: RNN14- Kilometres: 35000 km Price: $14000 Contact: mott69@gmail.com. Details: Hi everyone, I've decided to sell my GTiR. I've had it for about 6 years. I imported it from Japan with 27000 km on it, with the Japanese records to back that up. It barely sees any use, so I may as well sell it to someone else to enjoy. It drives, looks and feels like you would expect a 35000 km GTiR to and mechanically, it is pretty much standard. All I do is occasionally drive it to work, 30 km dowm the highway to the RAAF base and back and occasionally to Bunning ( I've bought a Delica to do that now, pretty boring but very practical..). It has been treated very gently as will be obvious in a test drive. Here's a list of the various options and Mods I have fitted: - Lightweight 17" Rims and Yoko S Drive 225x40 rubber - Coilover Suspension - All properly set up giving it almost no understeer compared to the standard GTiR - Cold air intake and low resistance mesh air filter - Front Recaro Seats - Carbon Fibre Bonnet (12 kg lighter) - Light weight Gel Battery (8 kg lighter) - Front strut brace (currently not fitted) It had a rear one too, but I can't seem to find it. - Reasonable Stereo (plus that big rear speaker unit / subwoofer that some GTiR come from Japan with) - Larger size and range Boost Gauge - Wasetgate Bleed - I run it at 1 bar - but very rarely see this boost level on my occasional commutes to work. - Custom 3" exhaust from the Dump Pipe back - from Premier Exhaust & Performance in Newcastle (he rallies GTiR's himself). Exhaust is extremely quite, similar to the original but with a nice deep note. - All new engine mounts (it came with harder Nismo units that passed through the engine vibration too much formy liking, the new standard ones are much better) - Various other minor bits and pieces I've forgotten for now.... Things I have replaced - A/C Compressor (front bearing whine / pending failure) - Clutch Cylinder (leaking) - Radiator (pin hole leak in heat exchanger element) - Dist Cap (cracked) - ABS Wheel sensor (open circuit failure) - CV Boots (rubber perishes with time as well as with km's) I recently had it dyno'd for the first time and it made 188kw @ wheels on 1 bar which sounds about right for the exhaust / intake / boost configuration. It is mechanically in excellent condition, uses absolutely no oil / water etc Paint looks brand new. Carbon fibre bonnet has been neglected for years with the Gel Coat oxidising, but after a few hours of hand polishing has come back to almost like new. A decent mechanical polish would get it back to a mirror finish. There really isn't much wrong with it, the only three things I can think of are 1. the rear rubber engine link (not engine mount) needs replacing as you can slightly notice some engine shaking on moving off the mark (I've replaced the front one and have a new Nismo replacement for the rear but haven't fitted it (it looks pretty tight back there) and 2. The front tyres are slightly too wide and rub against the inboard chassis on full lock. I had 215's before and they were OK. Also, one rear tyre needs replacing due to a very poor rear wheel alignment that scrubbed away the outside tread after only a few thousand km. ( I will replace that for the buyer - or deduct that cost if a they are planning to put different tyres on) 3. It came from Japan with very hard material Brake pads meaning the pedal force when cold is I believe higher than most GTiR's but feels great when warmed up (pretty pointless for road use though) Please feel free to ask me any questions. I check my email at least 3 or 4 times a day so should be able to get back to you quickly. Thanks, Matt
  6. Rego: BB14EQ *Currently Has a Blown Gearbox* (engine is not starting but was running fine before) Car is Currently Unregistered Selling due to Moving Houses, and cant keep the car, (was going to fix and keep it as a project car) Features : 17' Black Rims. HKS BOV. Tien Coilovers. MP3 CD Player Car outside is in Immaculate Condition being garaged virtually its whole life. Reason for Selling : Moving to a New House, with No Car Space for myself. $5500 ONO Call me on *** for any other enquires Cheers Simon
  7. Year: 1992 Colour: Gloss black recently resprayed Location: Rockhampton Qld Reg & Expiry: RNN14 Rego'd til April 2012 comes with RWC Kilometres: 166000k's 1000k's since rebuild all reciepts available Price: $8000k Contact: 0407310580 or feddo_12@hotmail.com For sale GTiR sr20det RNN14 Comes with RNN14 personalised plates Rebuilt engine 1000k ago all reciepts available. New genuine waterpump, nismo low temp thermostat New oil pump internals and pressure valve kit All genuine nissan seals and gaskets Stock internals, acl race bearings both main and big end Nissan piston rings New timing chain, guides and tensioner Flywheel machined Garrett GT28BB turbo 380hp Walbro intake pump Jr pod filter in custom cold air intake Z32 afm Chiptorque chip Dump pipe into 3" with hi flow cat Exedy clutch and rebuilt gearbox New iridium plugs 10.5mm ignition leads Full whiteline suspension kit GAB shocks and RS-R springs Fresh respray, new tyres new battery. Will be uploading more pics in near future.
  8. Year: 1994 Colour: White Location: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Reg & Expiry: AWD48J Out of rego ( as of May) VIN:RNN14-XXX ( will updated) Kilometres: approx 120,000km and 0km on motor Price: Accepting offers Contact: 0425110302 SMS Mon-Fri 8:30-4 : W/E whenever *Unfinished project* 1994 GTIR 120 000kms Basically purchased the car stock in 2008, I drove and modified it for a while until I decided to rebuild it in September 2009. Since then, it’s been an on and off project which has lead me to acquiring all the parts for the rebuild and the labor costs. (Have kept most receipts) After the rebuild, when the mechanic started the car it was running rough, it was only run for 30 seconds (max) and it then became a stale mate between the mechanic and engine builder to accept fault, which lead to it being sent to Powertune for an assessment. Since 2010 my priorities have changed and I had already gone over budget with the build and don’t have the funds to keep it going (regretfully). So, up to speed, the car is a shell and the motor is separate. I have had it assessed at Powertune and they gave me a quote for approximately $3000 to repair the motor and install it. The two options for selling: 1. Sell as rolling shell at an agreed price 2. Sell motor at an agreed price (Preferable would like the whole things sold in one transaction, ** don’t bother asking, will not be parting out, it’s a clean car and should stay in 1 piece) Engine Modifications: - CP Forged Pistons - Scat H Beam Conrods - ARP Head Studs - Cometic Head Gasket - ACL bearings - New Valve Springs - New lifters and Shims - New timing chains and tensioners - New oil pump - New water pump - New leads - New battery - Polyurethane engine mounts - Nismo gearbox mount - Pod filter - Reconditioned head - Reconditioned injectors - APEXI SAFC - Greddy Profec- B2 Boost Controller - New BOSCH 255L/ph - Reconditioned standard turbo by GCG to a GT3071R - Front Mount Intercooler - AM performance stainless steel dump pipe - 3inch AM performance center pipe (straight through cat) - Tonabi stainless steel muffler with 5inch tip - Aluminum Oil Catch Tank Driveline: - Standard Gearbox (No issues at all, changed every 5000kms with red line shockproof) - New Exedy heavy duty clutch, thrust bearing pressure plate - Fly wheel machine - 2 New front drive shafts - 2 New front wheel bearings - Standard brakes machined, brand new pads - Reconditioned steering rack Handling: - 18x7.5inch wheels - D2 front & Rear Coilovers (Adjustable) - Pillow Uppers - Whiteline Front Strut Brace - Whiteline Rear Strut Brace Interior: - Autometer Boost Gauge - Recently steamed cleaned interior - Cabin soundproofed – floor pan and quarter trims - Carpet/ dashboard good condition ( no tears or cracks) - Momo Steering Wheel - Nismo Gear Shifter - Pioneer 6inch splits with tweeters in the doors - 6inch splits in the parcel shelf, 12inch Kicker Sub in factory Kicker box, - Pioneer amp under seat - Sony Explode MP3 headdeck Exterior: - Mirror tints on 3 back windows - Lenso black with silver trim wheels (see pics) - Bare engine bay painted standard white (see pics) - tinted guard indicators - *** no front bar - 8hr detail included clay buff, cut n polished, hand polished and Kanubrra waxed i.e. Bonnet grills stipped, tail lights stripped, waist molds, mirrors and door handles. – Original paint is in really good condition, which is why the car was stripped to get rid of the stubborn grim (looks like a re-spray) Pics: http://www.gtiroz.net/gallery/members/nsw/94white
  9. ***added more bits, details and it's now 3 months rego*** Year: 1993 Colour: Factory Black - faded Location: Jamestown, SA Reg & Expiry: S821AKC - just put 3 months rego on it, 24/08/12 VIN: RNN14-150096 Kilometres: 17X,XXX kms Price: 4,500.00 with all the spares ONO Contact: smith.sebastian@gmail.com or PM - I'll add my number after I add some more photos Details: Ride blog: http://www.gtiroz.ne...?showtopic=9844 Imported in 2002 Ilmumated ignition Heated Mirrors - drivers doesn't work or has been replaced with standard one 17X,XXX Kms ARC, recirc bov. Zetti cannon Muffler POD Blitz boost controller - Dual SBC (? can't remember if thats the right name of it) After market Boost gauge Cusco front LSD - previous owner was told when the gearbox was replaced but doesn't really know and niether do I. Turbo timer - used 99% of the time Fumoto oil drain valve Old sony xplode CD player + kenwood rear 6X9's (think there's more...) Pirelli P6 tires on stock wheels - very good 10,000kms if not more like 5,000 Interior is quite good - needs a clean atm but I'll do that before sale - dash has cracks - has a matt tho... rear 'door' cards are broken - someone has tried to fix them with newspaper (?!?!?!) Gearbox is not 100% - hard to get into gear but I've been driving it like that since I got it Paint is shagged - will come up good after a cut and polish - but you got one go at it and there won't be enough paint left to do it again. Gearbox or transfer also has major leak - I can't find where it's coming from Also clutch release bearing makes noise when not in gear. Injectors have surface rust - but no leaks - looks like they'll be fine for a few more years I have put the boost up to .9 bar/13 psi but most of the time have run on stock psi - I sure this has seen more boost tho History: sometime between 10/10 and 12/10 Air Con removed new windscreen new waterpump new thermostat sometime between 05/08 and 03/09 Turbo replaced Clutch master cylinder replaced Spares/extras - Not fitted -set of front headlights -set of rear tail lights -Rear hatch - has some rust, good paint - will fit in car -rear spoiler - in bluey grey - no screw hole covers -Clutch slave cylinder - from justjap 65,000K -Braided clutch line - HEL brand - new -Spare gearbox - no blots for the casing - 2 cogs with no teeth -3 (or was it 2?) bottles of nulon smooth shift gearbox oil - new - enough to do gearbox, transfer, rear diff and and plenty left over -1 bottle of nulon engine oil partly used - like 3/4 full -3" stainless steel split dump pipe with sensor -BOV - whatever brand - worked fine, took it off to pass regency. -USB Consult cable - Ecu talk - with CD -Alt, and power steer belts - new -Shifting brushes from Jesse in Canada > http://forum.gtiroz....hp?f=28&t=13557 -Washer bottle *might* include a touch screen laptop too - for use with the Consult cable *might* include custom front grill that I never finished but includes all the filler, paint, mesh and such to finish - need bog/patching + paint sure there are more things.... I'll add then when I find/remeber them Images: http://imageshack.us.../dscf0932z.jpg/ ^go through those for some more pics. Reason for sale: I don't have the money or tools to fix her so rather then run her into the ground... also putting the money towards tickets for the mines Don't want to sell it but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles... admin edit: Youtube clips added. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEbkUDhpm7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7RJcY5EJJk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23v86OrmP1Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_MKpCFUVRw
  10. For anyone looking at buying a GTi-R. Do NOT buy this one. http://cgi.ebay.com....2#ht_500wt_1023 I could of had this for $1200 at one stage from the old owner. Had no front guards or bumper, someone took it for a drive, boosted it and the bonnet came out of the latch and flung back on itself and smashed the windscreen and half the interior is missing. Not to mention cylinder 3 hasnt been working for years, and it has about 150,000kms on the clock, not the 88k or so it says. When I had it offered to me I turned it down as the plan was just to get mine going, but plans change so now kicking myself over it. I spoke to a few previous owners of it, not to mention the reputation of the old owners in Mt Isa have, they admit they had flogged it to within an inch of it's life. In the add he says he's spent 12k on it, he's full of shit. The car hasn't moved since it failed a RWC. Since he bought it he's replaced the windscreen, GTR style bumper, two front guards, and belted the top corner of the bonnet down with a hammer cause they were bent when it came up and smashed the windscreen, and honestly, that's about where it stops. You have all been warned I had to laugh when the current owner of this offered me $800 for mine. Told him to get a life and get the fuck out of my driveway.. Haha VIN: RNN14-151266 Rego: 377IRZ
  11. Year: 1994 Colour: Black and white Location: tea tree plaza Reg & Expiry: 15th june 2012 WZR217 VIN: RNN14-151779 Kilometres: 146000 Price: 10,000 neg Contact: james 0433123212 Details: garret 30701R turbo, braided turbo lines, Aries pistons, scat rods, xtreme heavy duty clutch, knock sensor new from nissan, coolant hoses and gaskets new cv shafts iridium spark plugs new radiator, 17"X7.5 xhp rims, second hand tailshaft, new cyclops alarm and immobiliser, front mount intercooler. Motor has had full rebuild by milton engine developments replacing all worn parts and bearings. Gearbox has been reconditioned new seals bearings and 3rd 4th selector i also have haltech e11 v2 aftermarket computer and 770cc injectors not yet installed Thousands spent regretful sale all receipts for parts and labour available. call for more details currently 160kw atw at 10psi the downside is the car has cosmetic damage could use a new paint job and dash. minor interor things like door trim ect
  12. Rego: 77LYZ 277LYZ 377LYZ 577LYZ 677LYZ 777LYZ 877LYZ 069RUT Im putting up my little weapon for $ale . Up for sale is a 1992 GTi-R its had all the important stuff done to it. As list..... It has 134 000 on the clock its currently registed. Engine rebuilt 4000k's ago by jhh engineering & performance. Forged internals. Kelford cams. Ported&polished head. Bored out 20 thou. MoTec M48 ecu. 6Boost high mount manifold. Garret gtx 30/71R. Tial 44 ml external waste gate. Walbro fuel pump. 850 injectors. All the serious stuff has been done this GTiR is not far off being a seriously tough&fast iR. Iv just got to many family commitments to be continuing on with it. The high mount upgrade is underway as we speak the work is being conducted at 101 Motorsport and will be complete by the start of may. It will be avalible for inspection towards the end of may. It will come tuned with approximately 300KW at all 4's and about 5 months rego. So if you love GTiR's and you want a real tough one at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to build one then look no further. This car is not yet complete it will need brake&suspension upgrades and at one stage it will need a stronger box. $12 000 (firm). All enquiries welcome. This car is in Brisbane. waynes323@yahoo.com.au
  13. Year: 1993 Colour: Custom Yellow Airbrushed Location: NSW, Fairfield area VIN: RNN14- jn1fgan14a0000319 Kilometres: 77000 Price: $16,800 Neg Contact: 0424144458 or pristine_interiors@hotmail.com Details: Hi guys, Up for grabs is my AWD Airbrushed heavily modified Twin Scroll Turbo GTIR with SSS body conversion making 350kw (without Nitrous) at wheels. Reason for selling is due to lost of interest and my financial priorities have changed. Lots of money spent on this car, still have up to $30k worth of receipts. Engine block built by Team Karam Racing, Cylinder head and all other Mechanical works by Powertune and tuned by Powertune Australia, a very well known reputable workshop. The car is very fast and very responsive. Boost comes on very early due to the Twin Scroll divided turbo and manifold setup matched to Powertunes custom extensive cylinder head works . This car is also fitted with 75hp shot of Nitrous, wet fogger kit. Car will be sold unregistered, but i can organise the Blue slip needed for purchasing rego for the buyer. No time wasters, serious buyers only. There is too many things done to the car to list. Everything from engine, Fuel system, Engine management to brakes and suspension have been built or upgraded. Will list some works done to car. ENGINE - Fully built GTIR SR20DET Bottom end and Custom Powertune Ported Cyl Head - Forged pistons and Rods - Cross drilled and Nitrided crank - Tomei 270 solid pro cams - Tomei 1.8mm metal head gasket - Custom valve seat - Oversized BC valve set (+ 1mm) - Tomei adjustable cam gears - BC springs and titanium retainers - Quad throttle modified to open inlet manifold with larger 70mm throttle body * Plenty more here not listed ENGINE MANAGEMENT - Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 with 3 bar map sensor - Tune for two fuel maps (E85 and 98 octane) - MSD Ignition FUEL SYSTEM - Bosch 044 external fuel pumps x 2 - GTR in tank pump - Surge tank - Indy Blue 1600cc injectors - SX Fuel pressure regulator - Braided Lines TURBO AND EXHAUST - Garrett GT35R .82 divided (Twin scroll) ball bearing turbo - Powertune custom divided (Twin scroll) steam pipe exhaust manifold - 38mm Tial external wastegates x 2 - Full 3" mandrel bend exhaust - 75hp shot wet fogger Nitrous kit - makes 350kw at wheels on 28psi ( no nitrous used) BRAKES AND SUSPENSION - K Sport adjustable coil overs - K Sport 356mm rotors and 8 piston calipers - DBA GTIR slotted rear rotors with Green stuff brake pads DRIVETRAIN - Standard 5 spd Gearbox - Transmission oil cooler - OS Giken twin plate clutch - Full GTIR AWD running gear INTERIOR - Full leather interior - momo steering wheel - Rear seats converted to two bucket sets * Car needs a little attention - Recommend longer hub stud bolts / extenders - Coil over needs better height adjustment - Rear Hatch gas strut needs replacement - Rear Hatch door lock mechanism needs a fiddle with (hard to open at times) - Rear parcel shelf needs to be adjusted to fit better - Sound systems needs to be connected/wired properly * Have already organised with Powertune Australia for a free Dyno power run for the buyer at their wetherill park workshop, Option to take advantage of this dyno run is there for the buyer after purchase. Car is truly a rare one of a kind GTIR or Awd SSS with plenty of power and response. LOTS of $$$ spent on this car, so please no time wasters. serious buyers only. Car will be sold Unresgistered, Blue slip can be organised for buyer.
  14. 2 Gtir,s for sale,the black one I bout with suspected valve issue,the green one we bought defected with the intention of putting the engine in the black car to make a fast road car. Black car is stock expect for 3 inch exhaust Auto meter gauges,mono steering wheel,lowered springs,walk in Rego Green car,suit race car as it is defected Engine+ gearbox sard 700cc injectors sard fuel pressers regulator Msd ignition blarster Turbo smart supersonic bov HKS turbo timer Blitz dual spec boost controller Apexi digital rev,speed meter 3" exhaust custom turbo manifold Garrett GT2878R turbo large front mount intercooler,custom piping Haltech E8 ecu Haltech 3 bar map sensor Gearbox PPR 1-4 straight cut dog box with Nissan 5th gear Modena custom front diff Whiteline strut brace whiteline sway bars Since the photos the cars have been out in the weather for a year or so they have weathered Cars are located in Kapunda Sa $6000 Phone Andrew Ph 0477933396 or John Ph 0413226009 Black VIN: One of: RNN14-021377 RNN14-051377 RNN14-101377 RNN14-151377 Rego: BB202V Green VIN: RNN14-004456 Rego: XOM098 https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/10589-sa-90-green-135k/
  15. Year: 1993 Colour: Metallic Black with gold and blue pearls. Location: Brisbane Reg & Expiry: Unreg. VIN: RNN14 Kilometres: Eg. 140k Price: 11K ono Contact: 0434665330 All the gear for doing track days or just a quick as daily drive. spent well in excess of asking price. Roll cage, koni fully adjustable suspension. New rotors and pads. New bottom end bearings recently freshened up. Few spares, including port and polished head. Apexi hand controller. Has solar panel charging battery for computer system. Photos aren't the best, but it has just come back from the panel beater from having a new mettalic black paint job. Will send better photos for someone who is genuinely interested.Very Quick and unique car. Happy to negotiate with someone who is serious about buying. Pretty Heavily modified Call If you want more details
  16. Black Gtir for sale - $10,200 ono[WA] '90 Black Forged build - $10.2k onoYear: 1990Colour: Factory Black (KH3)Location: Edgewater, WAReg & Expiry: 1GKF045 (25/01/18) VIN: RNN14-001427Kilometres: 112kPrice: $10,200 onoContact: 0432 480 915 or jonathan.hamilton88@gmail.comDetails: I bought my Gtir 3 years ago and had big plans for it. A lot of pain, sweat and tears have gone into getting her up to standard but unfortunately with my wedding coming up I'm forced to sell it. The engine was recently rebuilt through a very reputable workshop here in Perth (Hyperdrive) after finding out it had lost compression on cylinder 4. I also have a set of 17' Enkei wheels and tyres that will be sold with the car. The below list of modifications are currently on the car. Complete engine overhaul (forged build with CP pistons/ARP bolts/ACL bearings/all new seals, gaskets etc) less than 500km old Valve clearances done & head cleaned up New timing belt kit New water pump Cleaned and flow tested injectors NPC Clutch Strengthened clutch fork Rebuilt stock turbo Walbro 255lph fuel pump New set of rubber hoses (at rear of engine) New battery Front mount intercooler Pod filter 3 inch exhaust There are some skuffs and marks on her and the steering wheel is showing signs of wear which are expected for a car this age however overall she's in very decent condition. For further info please get in contact. Please no joy riders or lowball offers. Images:
  17. Alright people it's time to part with my love and joy my 1993 Nissan pulsar gtir it's done 184 on the clock. Car has one con which is the a/c condenser shit it self so I have bypassed the belt for it. The good news is I have bought another condenser for it but just haven't had the time to install it. Car is located in Melbourne Rego: 1AQ1TK VIN: RNN14-101913
  18. Year: 1993Colour: Factory Red Location: NSW Kogarah BayReg & Expiry: 6 months BI17HI or MRGTIR VIN: RNN14-053002Kilometres: 171KPrice: $6,700, ono, Contact: 0406 249 968 I've had this car for the last year with intentions to do some work on it unfortunately right after I started a new job and have had more pressing priorities to take care of (Wedding, New House, Family) I have hardly driven it since although it has been started weekly Recently reconditioned gearbox Had a oil & filter service last month will put on another 6 months of rego with sale List of mods bellow Ball bearing turbo Nissan umbrella and slot front mount intercooler Turbo smart BOV big intake manifold Fuel pressure regulator Oil cooler Full exhaust from the turbo with twin exit pipes Lowered springs Digital boost controller BBS wheels, Drilled discs Alpine head unit Battery relocated to the boot Tinted windows Front and rear sway Bar Please not has a flat tyre also two wheels are buckled I have set of 4 16" rally wheels to include PH 0406249968
  19. It's a sad time but after much thought and recent events, it might be time to release the beast back into the wild. But I am in no hurry to sell, only if it goes for the right price. Mechanically this machine is Bulletproof, but the Interior and Body need some TLC. Unfortunately where I live at the moment I don't have the space to do this. Year: 1993 RA Series 2 Colour: Resprayed White at some point in time (Originally Factory Black KH3) Location: Adelaide, South Australia Reg & Expiry: WUA365 - Registered to 'May 18th 2016' but currently on Defect (Details Below) VIN: RNN14-101615 Kilometres: 190,000kms on the body, 15,000kms on the engine, <2000kms since gearbox rebuild Price: Taking Offers, sitting super mega firm @ $20,000. I'm in no hurry to sell. It's advertised elsewhere for more. Contact: tbawdo@gmail.com or 0432 431 405 BLOG: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/10891-teejays-gti-r/ Photos: http://photobucket.com/teejaygtir DYNO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4odYUcr0PI Details: As stated above, the car is currently on defect in SA. This is due to the stupidly loud and massive cannon hanging out the side that I never got changed from the original owner. Lazynessssss I am going to attempt to get the defect removed myself, but I fear many visits to the inspection station and "A LOT" of work will need to be done to get it back to a SAPOL "ROADWORTHY" conditon. I thought I would advertise its potential availability to see if anyone would be interested in taking care of her in the next life, as a house purchase might be on the horizon soon. The combination of the stroked motor and E85 makes this car proper fun to drive, gives you an amazing throw back in the seat. Making 200awkw @ 4700rpm and a max figure of 238.8awkw @ 7100rpm. Now with the freer flowing 3inch Exhaust there might be some improvement, also if a custom manifold was fitted you might hopefully see a quicker spool time. Before you read any more, here are some cons: Cons: - NO RIO BAR - Front bar cut horribly for front mount intercooler setup - Chassis Split found near front left lower control arm a few years ago, this was closed, welded and braced. - Faded Paint on Roof - Scuffed Paint on Bonnet and Scoop - Cracked and Chipped Windscreen (Getting replaced ASAP through RAA) - 2 of the 4 flares need attention or replacement (stuffed from previous owner 7 years ago and I'm Lazy) - Fuel Surge when you have your foot down on less than 1/4 tank of fuel, pick-up sock might need to be adjusted to help - No Spare Tire - Door Trim needs some glue to hold it down/ or new material - Frayed seatbelts (being replaced) - Front seats could be replaced, very flexy. - Drivers Seat worn on right side - Rear Quarter panel windows rattle - Rusted 2cm x 2cm section near Rear Right wheel arch on quarter panel Pros: - Parcel Shelf Engine: - Brian Crower 91mm Stroker Crank - 89.5mm Bore - Darton Sleeves - CP Pistons - Eagle Rods - Brian Crower Cams - 272deg, 12.55mm lift (exhaust cam was replaced April 2015 - see blog for more details) - Brian Crower Stainless Steel Valves - Brian Crower Valve Springs and Retainers - Cosworth MLS Head Gasket - ARP Studs Turbo and Exhaust: - Garrett GTX3071R running @ 22psi, mounted in machined standard rear housing - Standard Manifold - Low mounted in standard position - Braided Water and Oil Lines - HKS Mushroom Pod Filter - Turbosmart Boost-Tee - Front Mount Intercooler - Full 3inch Straight Through from Dump to Mid Section - 3inch Rear Section - Straight through with DeCAT Pipe for Track use (ready for fitting) - 3inch Rear Section - with CAT and Mufflers for Quiet Sunday Drives (currently fitted) - O2 Sensor bung, planned for future use with Wideband O2 Sensor Fueling and Engine Management: - NIStune Type 3 Daughterboard - Manual Tune switch to swap between E85 and PULP98 if necessary (no flex fuel sensor yet) - Tuned for E85, only run on E85 since completed in early 2015. Was tuned with an Ethanol content reading of roughly 80%. As you will get batches that are not 85% Ethanol. - 1000cc Bosch Injectors - Walbro pump (will check model) - Fused and Relayed thicker core run directly to pump to eliminate voltage drop. Electrical and Security: - Viper 5806v 2-way security + Remote Start + Central Locking Output - Arduino Uno with 20x4 LCD for digital readouts + GPS tracking (not completed) - NEW central locking motors - 3 x NEW Nissan Key Blanks - Fully hectic steering lock Drivetrain: - PPG 1-4 Straightcut Synchromesh Gearset, Standard 5th - Have always run Redline Lightweight Shockproof in the gearbox - OS Giken TS Series Twin Plate Clutch - Reinforced clutch fork - Clutch Master Cylinder - replaced Jan 2015 - Rebuilt Slave Cylinder - rebuilt Nov 2014 Suspension: - BC Racing BR Series Coilovers (Camber Top Fronts, 30-point Adjustable Damper) - 3 years old/20,000kms - Whiteline Lower Control Arm Bushing (Lower Inner Front) - 3 years old/20,000kms - Whiteline Anti-Lift/Caster Bushing (Lower Inner Rear) - 3 years old/20,000kms - Whiteline Front and Rear Strut Braces - Whiteline 20mm Rear Sway bar Exterior: - Paint is fading on the roof - Few stone chips in the bonnet - Some faded paint on bonnet - Windscreen has chips and a crack (replacing before inspection) - Drivers side wheels arch and flare is mutilated - 215/45/R17 Track Nankang NS-2R Semi Slicks on Black 17x7 Rims (less than 1000kms) Interior: - 6inch Pioneer Front Speakers - 6x9inch Pioneer Speakers in Parcel Shelf - REMOVED Pioneer Headunit, Amps and Sub - Dash Mat from N14 Pulsar - Rebuilt Dash Cluster (odometer stopped working) - LED Cluster Globes - Fitted foam strips in door cards to prevent rattles - Door Card fabric pulling in spots Unfitted Parts: - NEW Seatbelts (Being Delivered) - Battery Relocation Kit with Cable (planned for boot install with an SSB Dry Cell Battery) - NEW 5cm Clinched Flares (Being Delivered +$$$ to sale) - USED GTR Front Brake Setup (Calipers, Rotors, Pads, New Braided Lines) - NEW Whiteline 27mm Front Sway bar - NEW 19 Row Mocal Oil Cooler with front mount lines - NEW Prosport Digital Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Pres Guages - 17x7 +38 White Advanti Wheels with Cheap Tyres (+$$$ to sale) - HDi Electronic Boost Controller (removed after car purchase) - Apexi Turbo Timer (removed after car purchase) - PLUS LOTS OF SPARES!!!! Things that would need to be address before Re-Registered in SA: - Install 'NEW/UNCUT' Front RIO Bar - Possibly replace front bumper - Replace Coilovers with a set of Shocks and Springs - A respray with sounder deadener on the chassis wouldn't hurt. - Check Fuel and Brake lines for leaks - Check for Engine and Gearbox oil leaks - Replace Windscreen - Replace Front Seatbelts - Re-Fit Airbox / Re-Secure Pod filter properly - Tidy Engine Bay wiring to/from battery (use plastic split tubing) - Check CV Boots/Steering Rack/Shocks - Re-check ride height with replaced shocks. - More to come when I find things Images:
  20. Year: 1992 Colour: custom metallic green Location: Wollongong . Reg & Expiry: 12 months rego, plates not inc. in sale TYM2RN VIN: RNN14-052155 Kilometres: Engine has under 2k body was taken off the road about high 90's Price: $40 000 ono. Contact: Pm me or email me at tym2rn@hotmail.com. Details: Now it's with deep regret that I'll be putting my car up for sale, Ive been doin some hard thinking I think it's best if we part ways and someone else can have a chance to enjoy this amazing car. I've owned this car for over a decade, I was the 1st owner in Australia (still have all the import papers) and after I purchased it the car remained on the road for 12 months before being taking off the road for a 'no expenses spared' build. What this means is that every rubber (window runners, boot, bonnet and door rubbers replaced with brand new) every mould that is black is brand new (wheel arch flares,door moulds,moulds around the qtr windows (super expensive) brand new bumper bars, the car is painted underneath in black body shultz (stoneguard) It's detailed once a month... About the same time it comes out of the shed for a wash only then back in the shed, and it gets the full treatment with only meguires top products. The car is yet to go down the strip, but has done 2 x 15min sessions of Wakefield running a 1:10 which is exceptionally quick considering It was my first time on the track. People who know the car can vouch but there's only been a few that's seen it in the flesh since completion. My thread can be found here: http://www.gtiroz.net/index.php?showtopic=10581 For those of you who can't access the forum here is the list of mods: 1992 Nissan Pulsar GTiR First owner in Australia RA version Engine work: Tomei 2.2lt stroker 86.5 Jun 2R 272* 10mm lift cams Rockers topper kit HKS 3037S 56T 0.73 A/R PWR radiator 2x SPAL thermo fans mounted where the air con condenser goes Air con removed 3inch stainless exhaust with custom made cannon and a AVO turboworld resonator FMIC Trust type R BOV Z32 AFM Sard fuel reg Sard 850cc injectors Alloy water pulley Brake master bracket Spark plug cover Setrab oil cooler Greddy grex oil filter relocater kit Cheapy cold air intake Custom made airbox PAR 1-5 strengthened gearset Sir_motorsport alloy gearbox brace kit OS Giken, twin plate solid centre clutch (steel cover) and flywheel Apexi power fc Apexi power fc hand controller Recently dyno'd 270kw @ 22psi dyno sheets to follow No time sheet as it hasn't been down the strip yet, but trust me it's quick * hasn't been launched only rolling start* It's don about 5-6 spirited drives thru the nasho on a weeknight just to get some kms up. Exterior: - full bare metal respray, file finished (no bog!) with pictures somewhere on my parents pc - primed and left for over a month to let the primer fully cure - painted in PPG custom green (still have near 3lts still left unmixed so about 5lts ready for use) - cleared with PPG 8120 high performance high solid clear - sliced back to get all peal out - left to dry right out - buffed to a immaculate shine and polished with meguires every 3 months, topped up gloss with meguires final inspection after every wash - new headlights - new tail lights - new indicators - new guard indicators - new mud flaps with customized 'Nissan' signage - new bonnet vents -new moulds - new rubbers - new mirror covers (painted green) - new door handles *** windows go up and down like new!!*** Suspension and brakes : · Tein Superstreet coil overs front and back · Tein Pillowball uppermounts (front) · Camberpins (rear) · N15 Lower control arms (front) · whiteline underbody brace (front) · whiteline anti lift kit (rear) · Whiteline bushes all round replacement · Cusco Strut brace (front) · cusco strut brace (rear) · whitleine front swaybar upgrade · whiteline rear adjustable swaybar · Willwood 6pot calipers (front) · Willwood Rear caliper upgrade · 330mm 2pce slotted disk (front) · 290mm 2pce slotted disk(rear) · NISMO gtr 1' brake master cylinder · ADR approved brake lines (front and back) interior · Bride Gias low max II carbon reclinable seats (front) · genuine bride material rear retrimmed seat · tailormade carpet · door cards retrimmed in black leather and genuine bride material · dash remoulded to house guages and trimmed in black leather · Defi control unit 2, version II · 52mm boost gauge, BF white illum · 52mm fuel pressure, BF white illum · 52mm oil pressure, BF white illum · 52mm oil temp, BF white illum · custom made housing for defi contol unit wrapped in carbon wrap · saftey 21 7point roll cage powder coated white · sparco leather steering wheel · worksbell II quick release hub · genuine nismo pedals (rare) · boot boxed and retrimmed in leather and bride material · fire extingisher mounted under the passenger front seat · TAKATA 4point racing harness . Standard flare . Brand new in plastic brolly never opened (rare) . Battery in the boot Wheels: Rays TE37 17x8 +30 in white wrapped on 205/40 toyo R888 rays lightweight lug nuts The power can be upped to approx hit mid 300s but ull need to switch over to e85 fuel '(something I didn't want to do at the time of the build) Now I know that the asking price is out of a lot of people's range for a gtir, but to build one like this will easily cost you double. Maybe I'm bias tho. Please if there are any questions feel free. Worst iPhone pics ever. I have a Photoshoot lined up but havnt had a chance to organize a time for it.
  21. Car: Nissan Pulsar GTiR (Baby Godzilla) Year: 1993 Colour: Factory Black Location: Baranduda (Albury / Wodonga) Reg: Rego CPC12E VIN: RNN14-101642 Kilometres: 101,500 Genuine Kilometres Price: $13,500 ono Details: Great condition, outside professional restoration done late 2010 (about 6000 kms ago) full respray to factory colour, new door & window rubbers/mouldings. Engine & drive train very good order, always garaged. Selling due to impulse buy, and have 2 children and need for a bigger family car. Comes with a truck load of spares (virtually a replacement of the whole car & sort after parts) . Interior is original and in very good order, comes with another set of front & rear seats. Bought it off the first registered owner in Australia who is a experienced motor mechanic and maintained it well. Modifications: Slightly lowered king springs, Gab front adj shocks, Nismo rears, N15 control arms. HKS front pipe 2.5" rear system, quiet (also comes with standard exhaust). Power FC with hand controller (also comes with standard ecu). 15" Enkei RPF1 with 205/50 Toyo R1R (about 6000ks old,) comes with standard rims & tyres, also a set of near new black 15x7 Speedy Lite 9s. Brakes are standard. Rears still have the original pads, fronts are Bendix ultimate. Momo steering wheel, Nismo horn button (also comes with factory series 1 steering wheel). Nismo front strut brace, Cusco rear. Nissan factory option spotties. 170awkw (16psi). Remarks: Vehicle has never been in an accident, very hard to find a perfect example like this and inspections welcomed. Please only genuine inquiries only and no test pilots. Previous ad: https://www.gtiroz.net/topic/14109-nsw-wazza-the-fly-by-nighter-having-an-old-man-moment/?
  22. Year: 1993 Colour: White Location: Glenmore Park, NSW Reg & Expiry: February 2017 AZM87J VIN: RNN14-151202 Kilometres: 79,171 km Price: $18,000 Contact: 0413 594 073 or sjcurry99@gmail.com Details: ROH 18" wheels 35 series with new tyres APEXI Computer with handset Fully adjustable tein suspension Recaro Front seats Factory fitted rollcage Motor ran on factory boost only Matching compliance to RB model Factory option umbrella in quarter panel Too many more options to list Prefect for a collector or rally enthusiast.
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