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  1. Oh and only one of those photos (the one with the 300zx) is from where they are located.
  2. I went and looked and these and was considering grabbing them as a project The green one was defected and most of the interior was stripped, apparently "all there" but in unknown condition. The engine bay had evidence that someone had been mucking around so I'd be surprised if it ran, let alone rolled. All the brakes looked seized. The body was a bit rough, dings and scratches and the paint would have been a challenge to get back to that original state as it has been sitting in the sun for some time. The black one had clean plates and was in reasonable condition, body had ages signs, broken plastics etc. This is also the one with the dud engine. When I seen it again interior was stripped, along with the whole passenger side of the engine bay ready for the eventual "engine swap" I don't usually rag on sale posts but this pisses me off. Unless they have invested a lot of hours to get them road worthy again these would have been a massive undertaking and I feel sorry for the poor bastard that may get a hell of a surprise when he rolls it out of the container.. Im more than open to be corrected and if they have had the time spent on them I will be willing to apologise but from what I saw I really doubt it.
  3. Couldn't possibly.... I went and seen these and they see nothing like the photos. Both were parts at best!!
  4. Haha good good, if anyone asks this conversation never existed :)
  5. Well you never know! I'm am really surprised it hasn't gone. If there is still no interest in a couple months and you would be willing to hold on a deposit we may have something to talk about. Not just yet though, shit the missus would kill me if I told her so soon that I was looking at another so keep it on the down low haha After seeing so many being parted out and scrapped I have a hard time letting a good 'R go to waste!
  6. Mate if I had the cash I come and snap this up. Unless you accept IOU's haha
  7. How's the sale going? had much luck?
  8. r 4 sale

    Very surprised no-one has wanted to take this off your hands! Hopefully it goes to a good home soon, Good luck with the sale! P.S Let me know if that front bash plate "falls off" haha
  9. Had to chuckle a little when flicking through the pics and the licence plate changes... :)