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  1. @newyevo
  2. I must have missed something 😳 I didn' t even realise that Wazza had sold his car!! This car is immaculate. Hopefully it goes to a good home.
  3. They are factory seats re- trimmed so I'd say they be fine
  4. Looks like the hail damage has been sorted.
  5. Wow, 2001 purchase. That's a good stint mate. 2004 join date you're one of the gtiroz O.G's. Hopefully someone will take it off your hands and bring her back to former glory. Good luck with it.
  6. Just out if interest can you take a photo of the door trims? I'm specific the speaker grills on the door pockets please? Ive never seen speaker grills on the doors before. Are they factory? @godzilr @Shalom ?
  7. Very good platform for someone to bring back to life. Great price for what you get. just one thing, are you referring to clutch or brake master cylinder?
  8. sold

    What price did you get?
  9. sold

    Someone got a very good deal.
  10. Looks nice mate. Good luck with it.
  11. Depends how his intercooler assembly and the area around his custom airbox (from what you can see) for the fitment of the receiver dryer mounting and condenser mountings. The lines should fit over the inlet intercooler pipe.
  12. Unusual as in the clunking of an upgraded LSD? Lol
  13. Good fair price for what it is. People who know understand the costs involved to get a car to this level. Sad to see it go.