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  1. email admin@gtiroz.net with your current email address and I'll reset it
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/pulsargroup/permalink/10154342383415047/?sale_post_id=10154342383415047
  3. It's not an RSR with 10km on the clock - so would look 100 times better if someone GAVE IT A WASH! How many KMs? What's the VIN? Engine bay pic? Decent interior pics? Rear underbody pic? :)
  4. Hi Trent, Do you have receipts for the engine work? and specs of the turbo? Cheers.
  5. Please post contact details. More pics (interior and engine bay) will help too.
  6. No mention of the PAR or the OS Giken... @piljekks David, I'm guessing you sold this at the end of last year with the box still broken?
  7. Pics of the interiors and engine bays will probably help... ...as will confirming if the green one has the PPG box and Modena diff.
  8. Andrew/John - Can you please confirm if the green one does have the PPG dog box and Modena front diff - or if they were indeed removed prior to the sale back in 2011
  9. They can be cool as a daily (keep the clutch full-face organic, suspension on the soft side, exhaust toned down and aircon in place), but regular stop-start highway traffic would suck (even more) in any manual car... Back seat can fit kid seats, and the doors are quite long, but if you're tall (so have the drivers seat far back) the one behind you won't have much room.
  10. ...but to give you some rough initial pointers: - The large hose coming off the underside of the plenum/inlet manifold (the one in the pic) goes to the factory blow-off-valve - The 2 holes in the pipe between filter and turbo are most likely for the recirc pipe from the factory bov, and the bleed hose for the factory boost solenoid - Injector resistance should be between 1 and 3 ohms - Check your timing is correct (20º) - Confirm you have NO BOOST/VAC LEAKS - Put some new spark plugs in (BKR7E) - Put in a new dizzy cap and rotor button - Check/clear ECU fault codes (and self-learn data)
  11. Marco, sorry to hear of your troubles :( This section of the forum is for "Prospective Owner Queries" (ie. people who do not own a GTI-R) and is only seen by a few members (staff). Please click the "SIGN UP" button at the top right of the window and fill in the form to create an account. Once your account is approved you will have access to all the full forum - and we can move your post above into the troubleshooting/maintenance section which can be seen by the entire club.
  12. Better complete than stripped Hopefully it finds a new owner to enjoy it and stays in the club! Probably be worth taking the time to write a full spec list (non-members can't see the ride blog).
  13. It was last I heard (12/12/15). The owners (Dean) email is in the first post (not sure if the mobile will work as he is now overseas). Note for serious buyers: This car was stored for another member in my garage for several weeks prior to Dean's purchase and fantastic revivial work. I can personally confirm this is not a tart-up or for sale or hiding any underlying accident damage. The body/shell is in really great condition.
  14. Then log in, do some searches and post in the relevant section dude! (ie. modifications) This public section can only be seen by guests and staff...
  15. There's not really a specific list of parts required for a rebuild as such. Each rebuild is different, and heavily dependent on what is damaged, and what the desired outcome/intended usage will be. As an example: some parts which are fairly common to engine rebuilds are headgasket, pistons, rings, rods, cams, springs and bearings... but you should rely on the expertise of your trusted engine builder to make suggestions for your particular case. This is the public "prospective owner queries" section. Since you are obviously an actual owner - sign up and join the club! There are years of ride blogs and discussion from owners who outline the parts they have used for rebuilds, and caring and dedicated members who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with these cars.