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GTIROZ was established in the year 2000. We are a free-to-join non-profit car club based on a network of enthusiast owners of the JDM Nissan Pulsar GTI-R from around Australia.

We provide a searchable, organised archive of collective knowledge, and a place to share the enjoyment and frustrations of owning these rare and unique vehicles.

All Australian GTI-R owners are warmly invited to join, access our many years of historical data and share their ownership experience


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    Up for sale is my project Gtir fully built with $60000 spent on it. Main car (grey car) is running just waiting on a gearbox brace to turn up so it can be tuned on e85(then 98 and flex) for big power should produce over 400kw at all 4's. motor built and full forged internals, built by precision automotive. all other work completed by streamline performance Beresfield and fab work done by fabtech global. motor built to handle 1000+hp (full specs can be supplied to interested buyers) gearbox has par straight cut internals and has a stratcher Motorsport external brace(awaiting delivery) twin plate clutch haltech ps1000 ecu Custom made intake manifold. custom intercooler piping with wiggins clamps and hypertune Intercooler. Concealed blow off valve Custom oil cooler. PWR radiator with twin fans custom fuel surge tank running twin Bosch 044 pumps. precision 5777 ball bearings turbo with external wastegate direct fire setup using LS1 coils custom exhaust wider track than standard to allow running of wider wheels (235 wide) carbon flares, custom bonnet with carbon vents, interior has be partially stripped with a sparco race seat. (Was going to be a time attack car club sprint catergory). The list goes on. Second car (red car)is pretty much a parts car comes with 2 motors and a tonne of spares. Enough spares to put it back to a complete car. I don't have any details on the motors but have been told they have spun bearings. Asking price $30000 neg for both cars and all parts. Please call me on 0449769211 if interested. Cars are located at Beresfield nsw.
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    Different Series of GTI-R Basically, there were 2 series (comprising both RA and RB versions) which can be easily identified by their chassis numbers: Series 1: Below RNN14-100000 (August 1990 to July 1992) Series 2: Above RNN14-100000 (August 1992 to November 1994) Differences in the RA models Nissan changed several parts in the 2nd Series of production (Aug 1992 to Nov 1994): Body colours: Available in only Black/KH3 or Super White/531 (removed Grey/TJ1, Red/AJ4 and Ivory/KJ7) Umbrella Holder: None (replaced by a solid panel) Headrests: Solid (replaced the hollow/donut style) Interior Fabric Trim: Smoother and more blue toned (replaced the textured, neutral dark grey) Front Grill Badge: Nissan logo (replaced the Pulsar "P") Steering Wheel: Debossed Nissan logo (replaced the red GTI-R logo horn button) Windscreen: Plain (replaced the upper blue tinted strip) Roof Lining: Vinyl (replaced the twill, except for those optioned with a sunroof) Instrument Cluster: Warning lights hidden until lit (replaced the white symbols), and "ABS" (replaced "ANTI-LOCK") Power Window Switch Text: Added "AUTO" Water Pump: Model changed Clutch Pedal Bracket: Added Side Door Beams: Added Air Conditioning Gas: R134 (replaced R12) Gearbox Case: 8mm bolts (replaced 10mm) and some minor changes to the "strengthening" ribs Airbag: Added as an option (unicorn rare) There were no changes to the exterior or engine. Differences in the RB models The homologation (RB) model was intended for motorsport use, so had many "luxury" trimmings removed as standard (although some items were available as an option): Weight: 30kg lighter (due to removal of electrical systems) Closer-ratio gearbox (standard) Side mirrors: Grey plastic (not colour-coded, standard) and no power adjustment (could be optioned) Umbrella holder: None (a vent in place, standard) Rear diff housing: Larger cooling fins (standard) Wheels: Steel (standard) Rear wiper: None (could be optioned) Air conditioning: None (could be optioned) Window Electrics: None (could be optioned) Interior: Base-model Pulsar (vinyl trim, very basic seats, rubber gearstick boot, plastic gear knob, plastic steering wheel - standard) Exterior paint colour: Ivory white [KJ7] (all other colours were an option) Front LSD: Nismo mechanical (very common option) There were also many Nismo 'Rally Option' parts available, some were more commonly chosen than others (see list below). Autech Models Autech was (and still is) a Nissan tuning division (different to Nismo). They were responsible for the factory-installation of optional parts for new car "upgrade" packages. All recorded examples have been RB models. The parts installed were based on individual orders, and could come from both the Nissan "motorsport options" catalog and Nismo catalogs. There was no special numbering, plaques or badges - just a small oval-shaped "Autech Japan" sticker on the boot (below the GTI-R badge). Many (but not all) are listed in the Nissan FAST software as "Autech model". Autech did not produce a "Complete Car" version like they have for some other Nissan models. The Special "Green" Model There was of a small number of Turquoise Metallic / Winter Green coloured examples [colour code DL2] during Series 2. DL2 was a standard colour in the standard N14 Pulsar models, but not for the GTI-R (it does not appear in any of the sales brochures). When we complete the manual counting and recording of the Nissan FAST data the findings of total numbers will be updated here. It is unknown if they were a special order or a limited edition or something else, but it is clear that they are by far the rarest of the factory colours. There are a few unconfirmed theories: In celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Naruhito to Masako Owada in 1993. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nissan in 1994. Because buyers saw the green colour on the regular N14 and asked for it.
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    No it's not. But as far as colour changes go, it's quite tasteful.
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    Oh and, I made a video of my time with the car. Some of you might enjoy it :)