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Established in the year 2000, GTIROZ is a free-to-join non-profit car club based on a network of enthusiast owners of the JDM Nissan Pulsar GTI-R from around Australia.
We provide a searchable, organised archive of collective knowledge, and a place to share the enjoyment and frustrations of owning these rare and unique vehicles.
All Australian GTI-R owners are warmly invited to join, access our many years of historical data, participate in club meets, group buys, and share their ownership experience!

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    GTI-R Models

    GTI-R Model Types

    There were 2 main models of the RNN14 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R sold on the Japanese Domestic Market:

    • RA - Model code EBYNRVFN14T*******
    • RB - Model code EBYNRRFN14T*******


    There were 2 types of of GNN14 Nissan Sunny GTI-R sold to the European Domestic Market:

    • LHD - Model code EBYNLRN14T*******
    • RHD - Model code EBYNRRN14T*******


    The model code is printed on the VIN plate, located top-centre of the firewall in the engine bay.


          13842 9656 4186
          RA RB RA RB RA RB
    1st DIGIT = BODY TYPE E Hatchback        
    2nd DIGIT = ENGINE TYPE B SR        
    3rd DIGIT = ENGINE SIZE Y 2.0 Litre        
    5th DIGIT = STEERING POSITION R Right (ALL RNN14)        
      L Left        
    6th DIGIT = MODEL R RB - 701 - 662 - 39
      V RA 13131 - 8988 - 4143 -
    7th DIGIT = TRANSMISSION F Manual        
    8th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES LETTER N Series Letter        
    9th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES NUMBER 1 First Number        
    10th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES NUMBER 4 Second Number        
    11th DIGIT = INDUCTION T Turbo        
    12th DIGIT = DESTINATION D Normal 11698 620 7973 586 3725 34
      Z Cold Districts 1433 81 1015 76 418 5
    13th DIGIT = SEATING CAPACITY A Five        
    14th DIGIT = OPTIONS L Bonnet Vent Covers + Front & Rear Coloured Mudguards 8988 0 8988 0 0 0
      G Bonnet Vent Covers 0 364 0 364 0 0
      H Bonnet Vent Covers + Rear Wiper 0 297 0 297 0 0
      D Rear Mudguards 4143 0 0 0 4143 0
    15th DIGIT = OPTIONS J Antilock Brake System 6895 0 6895 0 0 0
      S Steel Wheels 0 660 0 660 0 0
      G ABS 3378  0 0 0 3378 0
    16th DIGIT = OPTIONS D Sunroof 2386 0 1718 0 668 0
      C Close-ratio Gearbox 0 572 0 553 0 19
    17th DIGIT = OPTIONS B Sound Selection 2370 0 2370 0 0 0
      A Sound Selection 319 0 0 0


      H Rear Coloured Mud Guards 1651 19 0 0 1651 19
      L Sound Selection 175 0 0 0 175 0
    18th DIGIT = OPTIONS A ELR Rear Seat Belts 6278 617 6277 616 1 1
      D ELR Rear Seat Belts + Heated Mirrors + Heated Seats 155 0 155 0 0 0
      C ELR Rear Seat Belts + Heated Mirrors 201 0 201 0 0 0
      B ELR Rear Seat Belts + Fender Mirrors 24 2 3 2 21 0
    TOTAL MODEL VARIATIONS     88 23 49 15 39 8


    1st DIGIT = BODY TYPE E Hatchback      
    2nd DIGIT = ENGINE TYPE B SR      
    3rd DIGIT = ENGINE SIZE Y 2.0 Litre      
    5th DIGIT = STEERING POSITION R Right 103 - 103
      L Left 668 668 -
    6th DIGIT = MODEL R GTI-R      
    7th DIGIT = TRANSMISSION A Manual      
    8th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES LETTER N Series Letter      
    9th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES NUMBER 1 First Number      
    10th DIGIT = CHASSIS SERIES NUMBER 4 Second Number      
    11th DIGIT = INDUCTION T Turbo      
    12th DIGIT = REGION E Europe A (England, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta) 103 0 103
      F Europe B (Bulgaria, Romania, Poland) 330 330 0
      G Europe C (Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Israel) 281 281 0
      S Europe D (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland) 57 57 0
    13th DIGIT = SEATING CAPACITY A Five      
    14th DIGIT = OPTIONS E Power Window + Auto Door Lock 84 0 84
      G Power Window + Auto Door Lock + Anti Lock Brake System 1 1 0
      M Power Window + Auto Door Lock + GTI Door Trim 8 0 8
      N Power Window + Auto Door Lock 1 1 0
      X Power Window + Auto Door Lock + Sporty (?) 490 490 0
      Y Power Steering + Tilt Steering + Air Conditioning 23 23 0
    15th DIGIT = OPTIONS B Anti-Skid Warning Lamp 93 0 93
      E Anti-Lock Brake System 489 489 0
      P 14x6 Steel Wheels 43 43 0
    16th DIGIT = OPTIONS A Mud Guards 1 1 0
      D Hood Louvre 96 0 96
      K Hood Rubber (Louvre) 636 633 3
    17th DIGIT = OPTIONS 1 Part of the Y code from 14th Digit 23 23 0
      B Rear Parcel Shelf 1 1 0
      E Power Mirrors 101 9 92
      F Power Mirrors + Mud Guards 482 482 0
    18th DIGIT = OPTIONS 2 Unknown 6 6 0
      A 2 Speakers 94 1 93
      E AM/MW/FM Radio with Cassette (2 Speakers) 491 491 0


    The options descriptions in the RNN14 table have been translated to English from the Japanese text in Nissan's FAST software.





    The GTI-R was designed and manufactured in Japan. Production ran from August 1990 until November 1994. The total number produced during those 4 years was 13842 (or 13832 - verification pending). Over 5000 of them were in the first 12 months (1990-91) so Nissan could fulfil the FIA Group A World Rally Championship homologation requirement at the time (5000 units in 12 months prior) in order for the car to be eligible to enter the WRC. See full production data here.


    The RNN14 was produced across two distinct "series" (S1 & S2, Early & Late, Zenki & Kouki). About half way through the production (August 1992), Nissan made a range of mostly aesthetic changes (around 10 items). Rather than being an evolution, it was more of a simplification or de-specialisation in the lead up to the planned completion of the N14 platform. They are defined by chassis numbers RNN14-100000 and above.


    RA Models

    Model code EBYNRV***. The GTI-RA model (aka RA, Alpha, Road, Luxury) was the standard model.

    Differences in the series listed here.


    RB Models

    Model code EBYNRR***. The GTI-RB (aka RB, Beta, Rally, Homologation) was a simplified model marketed for motorsport use (rallying in particular). They had "luxury" trimmings (such as ABS, air conditioning and power windows) removed as standard, throw-away steel wheels and the interior trim from the base model Pulsar which reduced the kerb weight to 1190kg (2624 lb). Some of the RA items were available as an option. The engine was the same as the RA model, but most were optioned with a close ratio gearbox and Nismo front diff (see below for details).


    • Weight: 30kg lighter (mainly due to removal of electrical systems).
    • Closer-ratio gearbox (option - 77% have it).
    • Side mirrors: Black plastic (not colour-coded, standard - no power adjustment, could be optioned).
    • Umbrella holder: None (a vent in place, standard).
    • Rear diff housing: Larger cooling fins (standard).
    • Wheels: Steel (standard).
    • Rear wiper: None (option - 40% have it).
    • Air conditioning: None (option).
    • Power Window: None (option).
    • Interior: Base-model Pulsar (vinyl trim, basic seats, rubber gearstick boot, plastic gear knob, plastic steering wheel, standard).
    • Exterior paint colour: Standard colour was Ivory White KJ7 (59% kept it) but all colours could be optioned.
    • Front LSD: Nismo mechanical (option - 80% have it).
    • ABS: None (not an option).


    There were also many (over 100) Nismo "Rally Option" parts available, some were more commonly chosen than others.


    The "Green" Models

    Colour code DL2. There were 100 examples with colour code DL2 (Mist Grey Metallic / Turquoise Metallic  / Winter Green) produced, all during Series 2. DL2 was a standard colour for the rest of N14 Pulsar model range, but not for the GTI-R. With exactly 100 produced they are by far the rarest of the factory colours (next rarest is KJ7 with almost 800 examples) and suggests they were some sort of special/limited production run. There were 98 RA and 2 RB versions produced - 59 RA + 1 RB in Series 2 Phase A (1993), and 39 RA + 1 RB in Series 2 Phase B (1994).

    Nissan Japan has been unable to confirm the significance, but plausible theories are:

    • In celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Naruhito to Masako Owada in 1993.
    • To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nissan in 1994.
    • Because there were enough requests from buyers so they did a limited run.


    The Sunny Models

    The GNN14 model was a variation of the GTI-R built for the European market and badged as a "Sunny" (the name used for the existing N14 range in that market). There were both RHD (UK) and LHD (rest of Europe) versions, but there was no RB model. They have some parts from the RNN14 RA (Series 1), some from the RB, and some unique. It is generally accepted that there were less than 1000 produced in total. See details here.


    Autech Models
    Autech is a Nissan modification division (separate from Nismo, the core part of their focus is related to "mobility", although they also take part in "performance" upgrades). Autech were responsible for the installation of factory optional parts for new car packages. All recorded examples have been RB models. The parts installed were not a set list, they were based on individual orders, and could include items from both the Nissan and Nismo option catalogs.

    There was no special numbering, plaques or badges - just a small oval-shaped "Autech Japan" sticker on the boot (below the GTI-R badge). Some are clearly flagged in the Nissan FAST software as "Autech model". They did not produce a "Complete Car" version like they have for some other Nissan models (Skyline, Stagea, etc), for the GTI-R they just installed parts.



    Nismo Models

    Nismo offered a "Complete Car" model based on the RB, featuring many of the Nismo rally options (suspension, diffs, seats, roll cage, foot rests, underbody guards, strut tower strengthening, no carpet or rear seats, etc - see below). Unlike most of their other "Complete Car" offerings, no engine changes were made, and they are not listed on the Nismo website "Complete Car" archive. The price in base configuration was 3,140,00 yen. Nismo (Japan) confirmed via email in 2010 that only 21 of them were produced. They had an individually numbered Nismo plate on the firewall (in addition to the standard VIN plate), and a Nismo badge below the GTI-R badge on the boot.




    U00006176882_3_001.jpeg U00006176882_6_001.jpeg






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