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    GTI-R Games

    Computer games that feature the GTI-R



    • Gran Turismo
    • Gran Turismo 2

    PlayStation 2

    • Kaido Battle
    • Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction
    • Kaido Battle 3: Touge No Densetsu


    • Sega GT

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    • Championship Rally


    • Thrash Rally


    Gran Turismo 2 (US Version)



    The GTI-R (RNN14) was a 3-door hatchback of the fourth generation Pulsar (N14) that was spawned by a full model change in 1990.

    Based on the 2.0 litre inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo SR20DET engine, the power unit boasts specifications of 230hp at 6400rpm and 210lb/ft at 4800rpm thanks to alterations to the 4-butterfly-throttle intake and exhaust mechanisms.

    The body also underwent substantial changes with large spoilers being added to the front and rear, and a big air intake on the hood.

    The drive produced is truly staggering, and the compact body accelerates as if it were being pulled by some huge force. The car really hugs the roads thanks to the four-wheel-drive, but as it is front-heavy, understeer can be a problem unless care is taken.

    Because of its impressive driving capability on the streets, it maintains a faithful following among the general public.


    Gran Turismo 2 (UK Version)



    In Japan, it's called the Pulsar, and in Europe it's called the Sunny. We'll refer to this GTI-R car as the Pulsar though, because it's a bit of a star. By 1990, this 3-door hatchback was in its 4th generation, firmly establishing itself as a dull but dependable family runabout.

    The mad GTI-R changed all that beyond recognition. This particular Pulsars body sports large spoilers front and rear and a large air intake for the turbocharger intercoller on the bonnet. Yep, the 2-litre DOHC powerplant has a turbo. each of its four cylinders has a 4-butterfly throttle intake and exhaust mechanisms that work to help produce 227bhp at 6400rpm and 210lbft of torque at 4800rpm.

    Power is sent through the 5-speed manual gearbox to a 4WD system, incorporating a centre differential and viscous lsds. On the road the GTI-R flies up to 60mph in a very rapid 5.4 seconds, then the needle edges iuts way to around 144mph.

    If you need to hit the brakes, rest assured that the heavy duty ventilated discs up front and solids at the rear are worked by an ABS system.

    This very impressive driving capability puts the GTI-R on the same level as some serious rally-bred machinery such as the Ford Escort Cosworth and the Lancia Delta Integrale - cult cars each one.

    Sitting on its lowered and stiffened suspension - with 14" alloy wheels and low profile 195/55 tyres - the Pulsar GTI-R boasts fantastic grip and traction for such a fast, small, lightweight car. The front tends to be a little nose-heavy, resulting in a handling setup for mild, predictable understeer through the twisty bits, but feather the throttle, correct the steering here and there as the back end drifts round and you can take the Pulsar GTI-R (and four other people if you wish) for a laugh-a-minute drive.


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