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GTIROZ was established in the year 2000. We are a free-to-join non-profit car club based on a network of enthusiast owners of the JDM Nissan Pulsar GTI-R from around Australia.

We provide a searchable, organised archive of collective knowledge, and a place to share the enjoyment and frustrations of owning these rare and unique vehicles.

All Australian GTI-R owners are warmly invited to join, access our many years of historical data and share their ownership experience

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  2. Year: 1993Colour: Black / White Location: QLD AspleyReg & Expiry: 3 monthsKilometres: 149KPrice: $8,000Contact: 0409 112 560 G'day guys, Been sitting on this decision for about 6 months now and I have finally decided to see if I can find the car a new home. Since I have purchased her, we have only traveled about 5000kms in 3.5 years. Most of the time been sitting in the garage and slowly sourcing bits and pieces. I'm keen to see it go to someone who would like to put the finishing touches. It's reasonably stock apart from the gearbox which has only just been fully stripped and reconditioned with a 1-4 synchromesh PPG gear set. Chasing a box like that alone isn't cheap! The car has been dipped in a gloss white EBC coating and is black underneath. The bonnet and roof were fading most of the panels are fine otherwise. I have a 4 page list of parts bought/replaced/refurbished which I’ve listed below. Following Parts 3000kms old or less carried out at JAZ performance Brendale. Full strip, seals, bearings PPG 1-4 synchromesh gear set High torque button clutch Upgraded pressure plate New 3inch stainless steel AM performance dump pipe exhaust front section. Walbro 250lphr fuel pump New front slotted rotors & ultimate brake pads New vented rear rotors and brake pads New harmonic balancer New spark plugs iridium $ New water pump Reconditioned clutched master cylinder Reconditioned clutch slave cylinder New manifold studs and manifold gasket New turbo actuator and turbo gaskets Lighten flywheel New bushes & link pin bushes "d" rubbers front & rear sway bar Rocker cover gasket spark plug tube seals Cv rack boots Speedy sleeve Rear mail oil seal Fully reconditioned rear brake calipers Front crank balancer seal New air-con & power steering belts Full silicon heater hose kit 2 new gearbox & 1 engine mounts New thermostat and housing Full turbo silicon kit Turbosmart fuel pressure gauge (in-line) Autometer boost gauge phantom 2 Autometer wideband air fuel gauge White face dial kit Sparco black gear shift knob Turbo XS boost controller Coolant flush, upper cylinder head treatment, all diff oils flushed and replaced. Brackets, hose clips, clamps, hoses, grommets, screws, nuts and bolts replaced where missing or required with new parts. Parts included Turbosmart v-port BOV Apexi AFM adapter with apexi filter Brand new door seals Brand new rear windscreen seal New took hook cover Ziggen short stainless muffler King springs super lows 18inch Saas wheels Pioneer Bluetooth CD receiver JVC 6 inch 3way speakers Engine compression tested at 160-158psi across all 4 pots Box of spare parts heat shields, arch trims, hoses etc It's a strong base with plenty of potential! I would like to keep her as they are slowly getting harder to come by, but I have one too many cars and it's just not getting driven enough. Would be selling unregistered only due to 2 things 1.exhaust clearance is below 100mm 2.fuel neck leak at rear when more than ½ a tank full. I'm asking $8000 pretty firm, genuine sale Any questions please feel free to contact me on 0409112560 Cheers, Scott
  3. Yeah I will sell the red one on its own asking $2000 with all spares.
  4. jesus there is some serious kit in this!!! would you consider selling the red one on its own?
  5. Up for sale is my project Gtir fully built with $60000 spent on it. Main car (grey car) is running just waiting on a gearbox brace to turn up so it can be tuned on e85(then 98 and flex) for big power should produce over 400kw at all 4's. motor built and full forged internals, built by precision automotive. all other work completed by streamline performance Beresfield and fab work done by fabtech global. motor built to handle 1000+hp (full specs can be supplied to interested buyers) gearbox has par straight cut internals and has a stratcher Motorsport external brace(awaiting delivery) twin plate clutch haltech ps1000 ecu Custom made intake manifold. custom intercooler piping with wiggins clamps and hypertune Intercooler. Concealed blow off valve Custom oil cooler. PWR radiator with twin fans custom fuel surge tank running twin Bosch 044 pumps. precision 5777 ball bearings turbo with external wastegate direct fire setup using LS1 coils custom exhaust wider track than standard to allow running of wider wheels (235 wide) carbon flares, custom bonnet with carbon vents, interior has be partially stripped with a sparco race seat. (Was going to be a time attack car club sprint catergory). The list goes on. Second car (red car)is pretty much a parts car comes with 2 motors and a tonne of spares. Enough spares to put it back to a complete car. I don't have any details on the motors but have been told they have spun bearings. Asking price $30000 neg for both cars and all parts. Please call me on 0449769211 if interested. Cars are located at Beresfield nsw.
  6. I enquired about this car. The 2 floor rails had been replaced by the previous owner. The repair looked shocking. No rego, so you can't test drive, and offered dodgey blue slip at his local mechanic. Wasn't a pleasant guy in the end. Just a warning for those who do go and look at it.
  7. No it's not. But as far as colour changes go, it's quite tasteful.
  8. this a genuine colour?
  9. Spotted this beauty for sale the other day blokes asking 9k which still seems a bit low even though it has no rego Looks like a bargain........ Hand stitched leather interior, fresh paint, engine rebuilt etc - see pics for deets He sold another white one recently that looked absolutely amazing... Jeez she looks nice
  10. How do we contact you? Please text me 047869772
  11. @Nik The Prck Haha, that was my partner clutching on. You can't tell much in the video but the car was wheel spinning a little and it kinda crab walked in boost. It's scary and I don't blame her for holding on. Father in law drove as I was passenger a few times, and I turned white as a ghost. I am a terrible passenger though.
  12. Please post contact details. More pics (interior and engine bay) will help too.
  13. Hi everyone Iam selling my black gtir reason for sale have too many projects its rego in qld has 5 months rego new paint on roof Mods T28 s15 garrett turbo front mount intercooler custom sure tank external fuel system in hatch alloy race rims and stock rims and tyres new battery great interior good stereo cold aircon Motor only done 20 thousand on build any detailed questions contact me Price 9.5 k ono will put more pics
  14. @piljekks Great Vid - I love the bit where it shows the passengers hand clutching at the seat hahaha you know your cars fast when the passenger feels the need to hang on to something :D :D :D
  15. Now starting to hate my wife for not letting me buy this for 10g :(
  16. Oh and, I made a video of my time with the car. Some of you might enjoy it :)
  17. @Shalom - I indeed sold the car still broken. I told the new owner what had likely happened. He stripped it, and we were right. Box bearing failure. He sourced a low KM's stock box and had a custom single plate made up for it. He has told me he had a few power runs in it, and the standard box seems to be handling it however given the failures we've all had and read about, and the PAR set failing on me so many times, I have my doubts on whether or not this will stand the test of time . The dents were sorted, a full detail, box issues sorted. A few other changes I can see are the wheels (BLEUGH!!! Get the stockies back on!), silly gear shifter and the strange pod in the bay. This is the first car I've really owned with power and history. It's a strange feeling see it come back to life with a few changes and be put back on the market so soon at over double what I sold it for. But anyway, as it goes - my loss your gain eh?
  18. are those enkie's 15 inch?
  19. Yeah, deep down I know you're right! Such an iconic car in AU GTiR history. Seems strange (I understand the reasons, though), to hobble the car with a stock box. At the power levels it made/makes, the new owner will need to upgrade if they want to use it to it's potential. That's not a cheap exercise.
  20. don't get me wrong, Ads...I do like the enkeis...just not right to see Ivans car on anything else but the 14s. hmmm 20k...with stock box??
  21. Such a nice car. I don't mind the enkei's K! Haha, but I'm biased. This car just proves to me even further that a front mount with cutouts is not the way to go. Even shaving off some of the vertical barwork (like my old car), ruins the balance of the front in my opinion.
  22. No mention of the PAR or the OS Giken... @piljekks David, I'm guessing you sold this at the end of last year with the box still broken?
  23. A GTiR with a front mount intercooler AND an uncut front end?? RARE!!
  24. yea...hopefully! so weird to see it not sitting on stockies...put em back ASAP!
  25. Looks like the hail damage has been sorted.
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