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  1. Yesterday
  2. Oh and only one of those photos (the one with the 300zx) is from where they are located.
  3. I went and looked and these and was considering grabbing them as a project The green one was defected and most of the interior was stripped, apparently "all there" but in unknown condition. The engine bay had evidence that someone had been mucking around so I'd be surprised if it ran, let alone rolled. All the brakes looked seized. The body was a bit rough, dings and scratches and the paint would have been a challenge to get back to that original state as it has been sitting in the sun for some time. The black one had clean plates and was in reasonable condition, body had ages signs, broken plastics etc. This is also the one with the dud engine. When I seen it again interior was stripped, along with the whole passenger side of the engine bay ready for the eventual "engine swap" I don't usually rag on sale posts but this pisses me off. Unless they have invested a lot of hours to get them road worthy again these would have been a massive undertaking and I feel sorry for the poor bastard that may get a hell of a surprise when he rolls it out of the container.. Im more than open to be corrected and if they have had the time spent on them I will be willing to apologise but from what I saw I really doubt it.
  4. Last week
  5. So this ones gone? .... And I just looked at the date
  6. it seems that because the GTI-R was no ever allowed to be imported into the US they now fall into some sort of 25year rule where they can be imported as a historic or something. beaters that would be almost impossible to sell in Oz are now fetching large amounts in the US so people are shipping them over there.
  7. They were. Both appear to have been sold and exported to the USA. Where I'd say the black one was made the better of the 2 and sold , then the green one being sold as the lesser of the 2. The green one appears to be for sale for $6000 usd with a blown engine.
  8. Okay... What is happening? Are these in Australia?
  9. The bottom left photo is the same as the earlier photos posted for sale. Seems like they will just ship anything over
  10. Couldn't possibly.... I went and seen these and they see nothing like the photos. Both were parts at best!!
  11. It would seem that the bloke in America has exported these and sold them. It would be nice to have known if the dog box and Torsten was removed as he is selling a "dog box and Modena " combo. Wonder if he has opened it up to confirm.
  12. Wish I was in a position to buy it
  13. Don't worry Troy, this car will sell.. People have no idea how good this example is!!
  14. I'm tired of driving N/A. Someone buy my Mazda so I can jump in an iR again
  15. How has this not sold yet? I'm not exactly ready to jump in another iR just yet, but as soon as I move house & sell my current car I will. No longer have my Evo sadly, it was becoming quite the nice car.
  16. This look nice!
  17. Gorgeous and clean looking car. Great price.
  18. Deceased estate my late brothers pride and joy which treasured and enjoyed weekend drives(on dry days) around port Douglas. it is a late model 1994 model in super white and only done 118000kms. all work and modifications have been done to an exacting standard. Body and interior are in excellent condition, dashboard has moulded covering which has protected original dashboard as have seats with coverings. car has been kept under cover with dust cover over it. car drives very well,very quick with motor producing around 300bhp at 16psi boost. MODIFICATIONS AND WORK DONE RUNNING GEAR RSR Sports Suspension White line rear adjustable sway bar 15" white lightweight Enkel racing mags Front Cusco Strut Brace ENGINE Nissan high performance Chip (Chip Torque) & Dyno Greddy Electronic Boost Controller Walbro 500hp Fuel Pump Performance Engine leads Apexi Pod Filter EXHAUST CES Stainless steel twin dump pipe CES 3" Full Stainless steel Mandrel Bend Exhaust plus high flow Cat TRANSMISSION Replaced gearbox 5000km ago Machine flywheel New heavy duty clutch New Clutchmaster & Slave Cylinders MONGOOSE ALARM SYSTEM & IMMOBILISER Looking for good home for car call Alan on 0430285696
  19. Earlier
  20. email admin@gtiroz.net with your current email address and I'll reset it
  21. An amazing and very well looked after car. I'll be watching this thread as much as I can. Shalom, my log in doesn't seem to be working?
  22. That's awesome Jay!! Looks like a good one! 👌
  23. Car has sold guys cheers
  24. Looks sweet for the price!
  25. Yes still looking
  26. I think my bro has scored this 👍🏼
  27. @TroyBoy here's one for the collection.
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