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Maintenance costs?

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#1 [~Safir~]


Posted 30 April 2005 - 02:19 PM

Hey boys i just wanted to know if somone could help me out. Ive been thinking latley on purchasing a 1994 GTiR but before i do i need to know the basics on how much a year ill be spending on maitenance. Because i plan on driving this car everyday and sometimes go on 2hr drives on weekends. Will the GTiR be able to hack these lengthy drives and everyday driving perfectly? or will i be in the mechanics once a month?.
This is my main problem before purchasing this car, would somone with past experience please give me an honest response as this is important.
Also my friend can get me an import 9 4' GTiR 70,000km for 14gs is this good?

#2 babygtr93



  • Location: Adelaide
  • Purchased: 2002-07

Posted 30 April 2005 - 02:25 PM

like any second hand car, it will depend on previous owners, how it was looked after, etc. you need to keep in mind that things break, however, if it's treated with respect, it will last. if you are looking at one, you obviously know about them, so all i can say is, if you get one in, you definitely enjoy the...thrill :)

#3 madcabbie


    Club Member

  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Purchased: 2004

Posted 30 April 2005 - 03:02 PM

Look for the best one you can afford. Look for maintance records. And check to see whats been done.

Many here on the forum are very well lokked after, and have upgrades like clutch, gearbox, brakes etc.

Check the for sale section.

I would trust these guys over a caryard anyday.

As for an everyday car. Hard to say. Any S/H car can have problems after alot of use. But there is also alot you can do yourself to fix problems.

Turbo cars need more attention than your average falcon. But no reason that if you drive sensibly, and not flog it every time you get into it, that you could have a great daily driver.

Good luck.

#4 ADZ14


    Club Member

  • Name: Adam
  • Location: Brisbane
  • Purchased: 2004-06, 2015

Posted 30 April 2005 - 03:09 PM

^^^^^ what dave said. I have had mine for 12 months now (its our anniversary next week haha), and drive it every day, through city traffic, and enjoy weekend drives whenever i get the chance. I have basic mods, and don't hold back all the time. A lot of the time with imports, its luck of the draw. I have been lucky, and have only had to service my car with minimal cost.

#5 pschurr



  • Name: Peter
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Purchased: 2003

Posted 30 April 2005 - 06:11 PM

Yeah, it's an individual choice whether to buy a new import (and take the chance that it's buggered) or buy that already lives here. At least that way you can learn something about the (recent) history of the car.

I bought mine off the importer and was very lucky with its condition. 2.5 years later I've changed the clutch, no problems with gearbox/engine/turbo etc.

Do a compression test on any car you're considering, and take it for a drive and see how the boost is. Look for oil around the outside of the turbo.

Usually on a direct import you'll be looking at clutch, suspension, brakes as the main things to redo anyway.


#6 jamesb



  • Name: James
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Purchased: Was 03-05

Posted 30 April 2005 - 07:27 PM

Considering how many decent R's are for sale on this site that you can thoroughly inspect before purchase, thats the way to go IMHO

I imported mine site-unseen and did about 18000kms in 14 months (both stop-start driving, long road trips, raced in hillclimbs plus a few traffic light grand prix etc) and it never missed a beat (considering it could have been a complete lemon upon purchase). I was lucky and I know it. Many people on here have bought R's and have had nothing but problems so it can go both ways - do your research first (you obviously have if your looking at getting an R).

Also, consider what you want from the car in the long run. If a couple years down the track you think you'll want one with a big turbo, upgraded gearbox etc etc, save up and buy one that has these mods done to it. This will save you stacks in the long run. Yes, you'll know it has been driven hard (anyone would be naive to think that a jap import hasn't) but there are well cared for stock and modded R's out there.

Respect the R and it'll give you a big grin every time you drive it.

#7 [~brenton.coles~]


Posted 01 May 2005 - 10:51 AM

Budget for about $20,000 to $30,000 in the first year fixing stuff that the previous owner should have done/told you about!
Then as your appetite for power increases just keep ploughing cash into the money pit.
Seriously, look at the ads on here, best to buy from a member, you will get better value for money in terms of mods already done.
Drive as many as you can - I drove five before I bought mine, I wish I'd driven more. Some are slow - I actually got out of the first one and was wondering what all the fuss was about!!
Do your research and don't be in too much of a hurry to part with your cash just because its got shiny wheels; a sound engine and gearbox are much better starting points.
Take someone with you who knows what they are looking at/ for.
Obvious stuff really
Happy Hunting

#8 pschurr



  • Name: Peter
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Purchased: 2003

Posted 01 May 2005 - 08:07 PM

haha, I got out of the one I eventually bought... wondering what all the fuss was about. It was rooted!!! Well, actually the exhaust was rooted, the wrong plugs were in there, the air filter was farked... it needed some routine cleaning up before it would wake up.

Don't discount the slow ones, sometimes they're slow for the right reasons. It also means it can't have been beaten up too badly.


#9 [~GTiRy0~]


Posted 26 December 2005 - 05:32 PM

Hi everyone!

i ve posted a while back regarding what to look for in an R. Anyways i ve resisted buying each example i have seen because i felt it would be better to look around to find a well suited one. Anyways i have a few things i need to ask,

a) what mods would give me gains on a stocker? (keep in mind im a tertiary student with a part time job).

b) what alarm system would do the job ($600 budget).

c) Will a stock R fly past 150 000 klms without much hassle? or am i in for a rebuild (owner maintains it well)

Any input will be appreciated.

Regards Minh

#10 Irish


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  • Location: Adelaide SA
  • Purchased: 1997

Posted 26 December 2005 - 06:52 PM

a) Exhaust and boost will make any car fun and are all that is needed on a tight budget.
b) Ask that question to ten people and you will get ten different answers.
c)There is no reason why a well maintained engine will not do 500,000km if it is stock and has the oil changed regularly. As long as a/f ratios are good, upped boost is ok.

Everyone can now afford a GTiR but it can be a very expensive car to maintain if you decide to drive it hard.

#11 clegga



  • Location: Perth
  • Purchased: 2005-2008

Posted 27 December 2005 - 03:12 AM

unless that owner has had it from new then theres no way of knowing how far the engine will go. Sure they might have treated it great from 100000 to 150000 but who knows how the previous owner treated it. ANd like irish says, drive it hard it will break....

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